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Rent VPS from Deltahost : the best solution for online

VPS (virtual private server): the best solution for online business!

Do you need more options to customize and scale your site? Do you want to test applications on different operating systems? Need protection against DDoS attacks?

Then renting a VPS server is right for you! Read more about the features and benefits of 

VPS in this article…

What is VPS (virtual private server)?

VPS/VDS is a server that is divided into several separate virtual systems that share a memory, CPU, and disk space. By renting a VPS server, you get full root access and can manage the operating system of the virtual server as an administrator. Does hosting leave the scene for VPS What makes VPS better than hosting? Improve site ranking It is preferable for search systems when the website is on its dedicated IP address and doesn’t share it with neighbors. Such websites are in top positions in search results.

Besides standard web hosting, VPS can be used as:

  1. game server;
  2. database server;
  3. file server;
  4. server for streaming media.

VPS is best suited for advanced users whose requirements exceed the capabilities of shared hosting. Essentially, VPS works similarly to programs that allow you to run multiple virtualized operating systems from a single computer.

For example, if you currently have a MacBook running MacOS, you can quickly switch to Windows 10 with a program like this without having to restart your computer.

Virtual Server for Windows uses a similar technology to run a virtual server environment. Let’s say you have a standard dedicated server. On top of this dedicated server, you can create multiple virtual servers that act as their dedicated server environments.

Benefits of renting a VPS server:

  • It’s cost-effective: you’ll have access to a dedicated server without the expense of buying and running your physical server.
  • Lots of customization options: you can rent a server, customize it for yourself, and only pay for the features you need to run your site.
  • Easy to scale: With VPS hosting, you can gradually increase the number of server resources you need.
  • Full control over the server: Compared to a shared server, you get root access + the ability to run certain server scripts.

Switch to VPS hosting Deltahost if:

You need speed and performance. Your site is growing, and every day you register an increased amount of traffic.

  1. You need a custom server setup. By renting a DeltaHost VPS server, you get more control over your server environment. Not only will you get root access, but you will also be able to choose your operating system, as well as perform deep customizations.
  2. You need flexible server resources. With DeltaHost VPS hosting, it will be easier for you to increase server resources as your site grows or a large amount of traffic arises.
  3. Our network and equipment are tactically built for maximum scalability. We know we can trust our systems because we built them ourselves with the future in mind.
  4. When you need more servers for your work, we are ready to provide them for you. Deltahost is a guarantee that you will always have enough power to ensure smooth operation and gradual scaling of the site.
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