Rent Bitcoin Mining Rigs Instead of Buying Them

According to a source on January 10, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s payment company Block (formerly Square) is forming a new team to build a new generation of bitcoin mining ASIC chips. This is good news for miners who want to buy bitcoin mining machines at a time when there is a major shortage of them. 

As we all know, there are two ways to mine bitcoin, one is renting mining machines, one is to buy their own bitcoin mining machine, and now renting mining machines has become the mainstream, let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two different methods.

Renting Mining Machines VS Buying Mining Machines

Mining Bitcoin with buying your own mining machine, you need to face issues like mining machine procurement, mining machine transportation, maintenance, electricity, etc., which are time-consuming, effort-costing, and expensive. The large platforms that own the mine have access to the price for mining machines that is significantly lower than the market price because of their bulk purchase of Bitcoin mining machines. They also do not need to transport the mining machine to the mine by themselves. As for the electricity fee, they cooperate with the local government, realize double-wire circuit power supply, using electricity with security and low cost. As for operation and maintenance, there are professional teams for 24 hours supervision and maintenance, to ensure the safe and stable operation of mining machines. So for users who do not want to buy bitcoin mining machines, but choose to rent mining machines from the professional platform, they not only can reduce mining costs, but also do not have to worry about mining machine transport, operation, and maintenance issues, so as to save time, effort and worry.

As a professional mining machine & hash power trading platform, Rock Hash provides a variety of mainstream high-quality mining machine leasing business, purchasing threshold as low as 1T hash power, with ultra-low price, 0 electricity charge, lowering the threshold for miners to participate, which quickly get the global user love and recognition.

In addition, Rock Hash layout global mines with depth, currently invested in the construction of 8 large mines, throughout Europe, the United States, and other continents, the management of mining machines capacity of 100,000. Buy Bitcoin Mining Machine or Cloud Hash Power products on the Rock Hash website now can get access to the additional DCC Airdrop rewards.

If you are interested in Bitcoin cloud mining and looking to learn more about it, you can visit the Rock Hash official site and reach out to the customer service.

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