RENOVI Joins Hands with Aftermath Islands to Build Industry-Leading Metaverse Offerings

RENOVI and Aftermath Islands

The two leaders in the NFT-based architecture, gaming, and virtual reality asset spaces will be jointly building out immersive, interactive and functional services and applications for the Metaverse

A constant criticism of many Metaverses and virtual reality applications is that they do not deliver the seamless, performant, or visually appealing experiences that users have come to expect from such projects. From clunky gameplay and a lack of immersive interactivity to lackluster visuals and unengaging mechanics, Metaverses across the board need to come up with better offerings if they are to deliver on the exciting, user-focused promise of Web3 and the virtual collaboration, gameplay, entertainment, and experiences that should otherwise be possible within the Metaverse.

RENOVI and Aftermath Islands are partnering to do precisely that and flip the script.

RENOVI is a new platform that is dedicated to brand engagement, creating interactive marketplaces, hosting 3D virtual buildathons and crafting custom virtual creations for eCommerce and virtual reality and Metaverse projects. RENOVI has announced a partnership with blockchain-based virtual reality platform Aftermath Islands Metaverse – an open-world, realistic graphic virtual world where users can buy, develop, trade, and sell Virtual Land (VL), property, and items using in-game collectible NFTs to build custom stores and events for Aftermath Islands’ virtual worlds.

Aftermath Islands is built using Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) which delivers realistic, high-definition graphics. Using GPU cloud-based technology and pixel streaming, Aftermath Islands is an easily accessible and highly engaging Metaverse that does not require heavy downloads or high-end connectivity requirements to enjoy.

From play-to-earn games to online experiences of every kind, including collaboration, entertainment, and more, Aftermath Islands brings outstanding graphics, immersive interactivity, real-world mechanics, and a wide range of new services and opportunities to users all around the world. Built on the philosophy of decentralization and economic inclusivity, Aftermath Islands aims to provide captivating experiences through which people around the world can earn their way into virtual land ownership.

The Metaverse space has received a significant amount of funding and press coverage in recent times, but building engaging and performant services has long been a work-in-progress. Towards that end, RENOVI is positioning itself as a marketplace for infrastructure-related Metaverse offerings. This includes designing, building, and developing architecture-related assets and functionalities, such as Metaverse homes, custom avatars, virtual museums for displaying NFTs, interactive conference halls for virtual reality meetings, and more. RENOVI aims to become the go-to platform for creating infrastructure and architecture specifically for the Metaverse.

These competencies go hand in hand with Aftermath Islands’ vision of becoming the go-to destination for people to meet, collaborate, play, relax, and spend time in truly breathtaking virtual worlds. The platform is already privately showcasing its Alpha platform and is expected to open the early-stage Beta version of its first virtual island in the coming weeks, along with a Play to Earn (P2E) game called Lost Kingdom of T’Sara in which players can earn resources that can be converted to NFTs that can then be used and traded inside the Aftermath Islands Metaverse.

As part of RENOVI’s partnership with Aftermath Islands Metaverse, the two entities will host a buildathon to encourage 3D architects for buildings, event spaces, wearables, and interior design elements that will be used in Aftermath Islands, as well as the creation of a joint marketplace program through which items that are crafted, branded, and internally produced in Aftermath Islands Metaverse can be traded in the form of NFTs, both internally and externally.

David Lucatch, the Managing Director of Aftermath Islands, said he was excited to partner with RENOVI to enhance Aftermath Islands’ creative and building programs while supporting the creator and innovator communities in building new revenue-generating opportunities from the Metaverse. Andy Charalambous, the Co-Founder of RENOVI, was quoted as saying that RENOVI’s goal is to make the Metaverse as beautiful, functional, and effective as possible. He said that the partnership with Aftermath Islands will help the platform do exactly that within the immersive, aesthetic, and high-definition worlds of the Aftermath Islands ecosystem.

Gartner has called the Metaverse one of the top five emerging tech trends for 2022 and it has predicted global spending on Metaverse technologies to grow from about $15 billion today to over $73 billion by 2024. JPMorgan has also lauded the potential growth of the Metaverse by calling it “the next trillion-dollar opportunity.”

RENOVI and Aftermath Islands are positioning themselves to be the go-to services providers within this rapidly expanding industry and are expected to lay the blueprints for others to follow when it comes to offerings in the virtual reality, Metaverse, NFT, and online interactive experiences spaces.

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