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Relish The Delicious Food Of Thai Restaurant In San Diego

Delicious Thailand food is universally regarded as some of the world’s finest. The variety of Thai cuisine, especially its world-acclaimed street food, is astounding, but mainly covers noodles, stir-fries, curries, soups, and salads, available anywhere from mobile food carts to Bangkok’s Michelin-starred restaurants. For the best Thai food, here are our recommended top must-try dishes.

Pad Thai 

In terms of Thai cuisine, Pad Thai is probably the most famous dish. A Thai dish called Pad Thai, which translates to ‘Thai-style stir-fried noodles’, might be a good choice if you want to introduce yourself to the best thai food san diego for the first time. This dish comes with a good combination of classic ingredients – such as egg, tofu, peanuts, and bean sprouts – that make a great combination. There is no doubt that Pad Thai is one of the most authentic dishes that is made for its patrons by the best Thai restaurant in San Diego. 

Khao Pad (Thai Fried Rice)

Almost everywhere in Thailand, you can find this delicious dish and you can order it with ease as it is a simple and easy-to-prepare dish. Rice, egg, garlic, onion, and some form of protein, such as chicken, shrimp, crab meat, or beef, are some of the ingredients that go into preparing this dish. As for the cooking method, it is also very simple. All you have to do is put everything in a pan on the stove and stir-fry until all the ingredients are well combined and the flavors of each ingredient have been released.

Som Tum

Som Tum is a form of spicy Thai salad that comes from the Isaan province in the North-East of Thailand and is typically associated with the Isaan province. However, it is believed that it originated from Laos, which has a border with Isaan on one side. Currently, you can find it all over Thailand, and it is regarded as one of the most comforting dishes for many Thais. It is almost impossible to walk down a street in Thailand without seeing a som tum (or Isaan food) vendor.

Eat som tum by itself but it’s better with sticky rice, which is served in small plastic baggies. Take a ball of rice the size of a quarter, make a slight indent with your thumb, and use it to pinch or scoop up the papaya salad. We recommend eating som tum with sticky rice because it cools your mouth and allows you to mop up the sauce.

Pad See Eww

In terms of flavor, Pad See Ew is an excellent example of what you can expect from Thai cuisine as it is beautifully complex in flavor. This stir fry supper also has roots in Chinese cooking, however, the way it is prepared in Thailand elevates it into the realm of authentic Thai cuisine. Malaysia and Singapore have a similar seafood-styled dish that goes by the name of Chaw Kway Teow.

Truly indulgent, the soy sauce usually has a touch of molasses to bring in that sweet and savory balance. The flat wide noodles are slightly thicker in texture which gives them a chewy taste. The broccoli brings a splash of fresh color and a satisfying crunch whereas the mushrooms lend earthier notes. 

Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Prawn Soup)

Due to the combination of special soup paste, lime juice, chilies, and fish sauce, this version of the soup is characterized as being a spicy soup, which makes it stand out from other versions of the soup.

As the broth is simmered with Thai herbs such as shallots and galangal for a long period of time, it develops a distinctive taste and a wonderful aroma that will leave you wanting for more. A combination of seafood, prawns, and fish make this dish one of the most popular dishes at the best Thai restaurant in San Diego because of the combination of seafood, prawns, and fish.

Sala Thai Is The Best Thai Hood San Diego

If you live in San Diego, then Sala Thai is by far the best Thai restaurant in your area if you happen to be from San Diego. In our restaurant, we offer a wide selection of traditional Thai dishes that we have adapted from authentic family recipes as well as our own creations that are both unique and delicious. Carry-out and dine-in options are available at our restaurant. 

Sala Thai provides exceptional customer service as well as excellent cuisine. Feel free to visit us today, make a reservation, or order some takeout for your next meal. There is no doubt that you will be absolutely delighted with the Thai food we serve.

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