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The Digital Agency Empowering Luxury Lifestyle Brands: Inside Dujour Select’s Comprehensive and Personalized Approach to Marketing

DuJour Select, founded by media mogul Jason Binn, is the first digital agency fully committed to the idea that product promotion is complex and multi-faceted. Perfecting it down to a wire, focusing on creating genuine, personal relationships with clients, ranging from the Kardashians to Stallone, and helping them thrive in an intensely competitive content curation world. Launching this Spring, DuJour Select’s exclusive, comprehensive, and one-of-a-kind approach promises that whether you’re introducing a new product, reinvigorating, or preserving an existing one, their highly skilled and award-winning team with ample resources across the luxury lifestyle industry guarantees you exceed your goals, propelling your brand to new heights, on your terms.


With their exclusive 3-tier membership program, DuJour Select promises to empower clients to seize the reins and dictate their narrative through carefully-curated and unique strategies; whether it’s getting the DuJour team together for an editorial, or a simple social media post, DuJour will ensure that your online presence is a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable. Providing its valued clients access to push their content through the most robust newswire platforms, handpicked by over 100 highly regarded media outlets with a DA score of 70+, targeted towards clients’ preferred markets, boosting your presence on the top 5 pages of Google.


DuJour Select a wealth of experience in search engine optimization that they use to identify and mitigate any harmful online content that could harm your company’s visibility and reputation. DuJour takes an active approach, suppressing harmful content and improving content searches to attract new communities affiliated with your name. In addition, by backlinking, DuJour proactively optimizes primary keyword targeting and ensures that a positive online persona is prominently displayed across multiple platforms, from ‘Wikipedia’ to ‘USA Today’.


“Changing an organization, a company, a country – or a world – begins with the simple step of changing yourself,” says long time friend of Jason Binn, Tony Robbins, and DuJour Select offers clients the tools and push to do just that. By giving unparalleled organic media services, including a continuous mention service through Jason Binn’s  coveted connections with newswire networks, you reach an impressive half a billion prominent individuals, who live, earn, and make the money, every month. Applying even more amplification, DuJour Select uses the highly sought-after and top-tier photo and video distribution services by GettyImages/BinnShots, representing over 80% of all searched media, pushing for maximum engagement and visibility across the board, guaranteeing new levels of success and engagement with your company.



DuJour, founded by Niche Media (Creator Jason Binn) in the Fall of 2012, is a luxury lifestyle media brand focusing on fashion, entertainment, art, travel, and business with unrivaled access to an audience of the most significant consumers who seek out our unique and engaging editorials. Through its dynamic and integrated platforms, DuJour reaches a highly coveted, self-selected audience on and offline, targeting more than 3.5 million nationally and locally with its quarterly rhythm. The 300K people within DuJour’s monthly wheelhouse spend over $15 billion a year and represent over 70% percent of the nation’s wealth and spending power.


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Contact: Leslie Davis                                                       Phone: (646) 706-7669



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