Regular Car Maintenance Checks you should be Performing

A car is a hugely complicated piece of machinery, comprising many different moving parts. It’s more or less certain that yours will break down if you don’t treat it with the right care and attention. Fortunately, it’s easy to look after your vehicle when you know how – and doing so could improve your driving experience and save you money in the process.

Checking the oil level

The oil in your engine performs several important functions. It will conduct heat around, ensuring that there aren’t any hotspots building up. It’ll also act as a lubricant, extending the lifespan of the moving parts under the hood. You’ll want to ensure that you check your oil levels regularly and that you use a kind of oil that’s appropriate for your vehicle, and for the weather.

Checking the wiper fluid

If you’re driving during winter, or at any time of the year when it’s raining, you’ll want to use your wipers. Make sure that you have enough fluid, and that it’s concentrated enough to resist freezing (if it’s winter time).

Checking the tyres

Your tyres serve an important function, ensuring that your vehicle is able to grip the road. Check the tread depth is higher than the legal minimum, and that all of your tyres are adequately inflated. You’ll find guidance on what pressures to use in the manual for your vehicle. You can buy tyres online these days – shop for a reputable manufacturer for the best results.

Testing the brakes

When it’s safe to do so, it’s worth testing your brakes. Pay attention to the way that they feel, and to the stopping power you’re able to achieve. If you don’t feel confident in your brakes, then it might be time to get them looked at by a professional.

Checking the lights

If your lights should fail, you’ll want to know about it before darkness rolls around. This applies especially if you’re doing most of your driving in daylight, and you’re therefore less likely to notice a failure.

Checking for leaks

As we’ve seen, your car relies on a number of different sorts of fluid to function. If any of these substances should leak, then the performance of your car will suffer in the long run. Sometimes, the results can be dramatic. 

Cleaning the filter

The air filter in your engine will clog up over time, and replacing it will help your engine to draw in the oxygen it needs to fire properly.

Cleaning the interior

Regularly wiping your dashboard and vacuuming your upholstery will help the interior of your car to feel a little bit more hospitable, which will improve the driving experience considerably.

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