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Regenerative Heat Exchanger Market to Record CAGR of 6.3% and Increase in Revenue by 2031

In recent years, the number of high-temperature applications has increased. As a result, the demand for systems that can operate at high temperatures has increased. The growing demand for waste heat recovery has prompted widespread use of a regenerative heat exchanger. A regenerative heat exchanger is a system that allows fluids to alternately pass over storage material for efficient heat transfer. The use of regenerative heat exchanger systems to improve the energy efficiency of a high-temperature process is common. Because it improves the efficiency of open hearth furnaces, the regenerative heat exchanger is widely used in the glass and steel industries. For gas heat exchange applications, the regenerative heat exchanger is ideal.

Vendors in the regenerative heat exchanger industry are concentrating on developing and producing systems with high reliability, rigidity, and improved performance. Vendors are also working to reduce the cost of systems. Key trends in regenerative heat exchanger market include increased investment and increased research and development.

Regenerative heat exchanger Market: Competitive Landscape

Examples of some of the key players operating in the regenerative heat exchanger market are Kelvion Holding GmbH, Danfoss A/S, Alfa Laval AB, API Heat Transfer, Hindustan Dorr-Oliver, Gunter, Sondex A/S, SPX Corporation, LARSEN & TOUBRO and Southern Heat Exchanger.

Segmentation – 

Regenerative heat exchanger market can be segmented on the basis of type:

  • Shell heat exchanger
  • Tube heat exchanger
  • Plate heat exchanger
  • Others

Regenerative heat exchanger market can be segmented on the basis application:

  • Air Dryers
  • Air handling units
  • Bus and Train A/C
  • Chillers
  • Commercial ice making machine
  • Heat Pumps
  • Heat transfer
  • Others

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