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Amber Diagnostics

Amber Diagnostics is the name of a company that’s headquartered in Orlando, Florida in the United States. It’s one that has been in operations since all the way back in 1994. The staff is made up of close to 30 hard-working individuals. The primary aim of the company is to give customers access to medical imaging equipment that’s of a strong caliber. Although the company is located on American soil, it accommodates the medical imaging equipment requirements of customers in all different sections of the globe. Customers who want to sell radiology equipment that is pre-owned regularly turn to Amber Diagnostics. The same thing applies to customers who wish to purchase radiology equipment that’s used.

Amber Diagnostics presents people with plentiful equipment product categories. Examples of these categories are:

  • CT scanners
  • MRI scanners
  • Cath labs
  • Bone densitometers
  • Mammography systems
  • X-ray systems
  • C-Arms
  • PET/CT

Amber Diagnostics isn’t just an option for people who are interested in medical imaging equipment sales. That’s due to the fact that it also caters to customers who want to go forward with equipment rentals. Customers who want to get their hands on equipment for limited stretches of time frequently lean on the Amber Diagnostics team. The company presents customers with budget-friendly price tags for MRI, CT and C-Arm machine rentals.

Purchasing and Selling With Amber Diagnostics

Working with Amber Diagnostics is a straightforward process for customers. People who are looking to purchase can secure equipment pieces that have been meticulously refurbished by seasoned, knowledgeable and trained experts. The objective behind the refurbishment is to guarantee performance that’s both dependable and consistent.

If you have medical equipment that’s used, Amber Diagnostics may purchase it from you at a price point that’s strong. You can get started with the sales process simply by sending the company equipment specs and clear photographs. Once the company’s team members assess the specs and images, they’ll get back to you with an offer.

Amber Diagnostics and Comprehensive Service Needs

It’s critical for customers to do anything they can to attain and maintain medical imaging equipment that’s updated, reliable and 100 percent effective. That’s why Amber Diagnostics tackles all kinds of service requirements. The company connects customers to capable engineers who will visit their work sites. These engineers can fix a vast assortment of imaging equipment troubles. They can handle all sorts of upkeep wishes as well.

Business Expansion Assistance

The Amber Diagnostics crew strives to aid customers who are looking to expand their businesses considerably. They strive to aid customers who want to accommodate their patients fully. Amber Diagnostics has meticulously put together numerous comprehensive “Buyer’s Guides.” These pieces of literature feature essential details that go into maintenance matters, site preparations, parts, price tags and more. Amber Diagnostics presents customers with a handy calculator that is suitable for multiple Return on Investment purposes. This calculator empowers those who want to be able to figure out how medical imaging equipment purchases may work out in favor of their existing businesses and aims.

Available Amber Diagnostics Products

The team members who represent Amber Diagnostics day in and day out know a lot about the products they sell and buy. They can easily and thoroughly answer questions that pertain to MRI scanners and all of their associated features. If a customer is on the lookout for an MRI scanner that can aid patients who wish to relax, the Amber Diagnostics team can be a huge asset. They can talk at length about MRI scanners and components such as interactive images, gradient systems, rapid pulse sequences and bandwidth receivers.

Mammography machines are essential in clinics all over the planet. Amber Diagnostics has a lot of proficiency that involves these machines and all of the things that they can do for customers. The company can point customers in the direction of products that are associated with top-notch image caliber, dependable performance and diagnostic ease. If a customer is searching everywhere for a mammography machine that is known for reduced dose perks, Amber Diagnostics can provide assistance that covers all of the bases. The professionals who work for this company know so much about swivel ranges, detector technology, vertical travel and beyond.

Customers who are waiting for world-class CT scanners of all varieties routinely lean on the Amber Diagnostics crew. People who want to purchase these sorts of scanners often prioritize speed, resolution and power. Thankfully, the Amber Diagnostics staff has a lot of prowess that involves CT scanners that run the gamut. They can give customers details that go into everything from rapid pitch scanning to 16 FPS (Frames Per Second) reconstruction. Amber Diagnostics frequently talks about CTA runoffs, brief breath-holds and even neuro filters that have the ability to minimize sounds.

Mobile X-ray machines are staples in so many trusted clinics. Amber Diagnostics goes the extra mile to stay updated on all of the latest and most advanced options in these machines. That’s how the company is able to give customers mobile X-ray machine menus that tick off so many boxes. People who are curious about mobile digital X-ray systems and all of their components regularly seek guidance from Amber Diagnostics and all of its attentive experts. They share many details that involve product specifications. They can assist people who have questions that tie in with hand-switch controls, tube parking, speed, touch screens and more.

Reaching Out to Amber Diagnostics

Amber Diagnostics is a company that makes communication with customers a priority. That explains why contacting its team members is never a difficult or confusing task for anyone. People who want to learn more about this company and its vision can call its team members. They can email or fax them, too. This is a company that also puts a lot of thought into the digital age and social media platforms specifically. Amber Diagnostics has active presences on widely known social media favorites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Its team members frequently post relevant messages on these social media powerhouses.

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