Refurbished Cell Phones; Everything You Need to Know

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A refurbished phone is a used phone that is sold by a manufacturer, a proper network or retailer who has done tests on it and may have fixed it to meet its specific standards. When a pre-owned phone is sold, in accordance with the quality, it is graded. So you will know what and when to anticipate. 

A SecondCell phone can also be replaced or repaired by a certified dealer. Moreover, well-known companies offer their own refurbished services in terms of any mishaps. If you are on the verge of purchasing a refurbished phone, then dive in to know more about its performance and services. 

10 Benefits of Purchasing Refurbished Phones

For a matter of fact, new phones require a major chunk of our money. Some people keep saving money for months or even years to purchase such expensive phones. This has increased the demand for refurbished mobile phones as they are considered cost effective and safest options for buyers. Nonetheless, a refurbished phone gets restored due to its performance and appearance so it can again function like a new phone. 

Here we will discuss 10 advantages of buying refurbished phones:

1) Budget-friendly 

iPhones are the most expensive phones in the market but you can buy refurbished iPhones at exceptionally discounted prices. The benefit of choosing a refurbished phone is that you can afford a good phone at relatively low prices. 

2) Quality-assured

In order to assure whether a refurbished phone can deliver smooth performance or not, robust quality is being checked. After passing through various quality checks, a device is then sent for resale. And if they fail to do so, they have to confront rejections or disposal of the phone. On the other hand, certified and credible dealers don’t sell damaged phones. 

3) Satisfactory condition 

When it comes to the condition of the phone, so many tests are done on a refurbished phone. It is necessary to make sure that purchasing a refurbished phone is exactly opposite to buying a second-hand phone. To ensure optimum performance, refurbished phones undergo certain tests. The devices are then graded on the basis of their performance by suppliers as they do not compromise on the quality. 

4) One-Year warranty 

Before buying any phone, new or refurbished, you need to double check on the warranty. Device’s warranty must be for one-year and those certified who deal with selling refurbished cell phones mostly provide at least warranty. In case of any harm or damage, you can replace or repair your phone within a particular period of time. We suggest you visit the website for warranty policy and further information. 

5) Eco-friendly Option

E-waste is dangerous for water and air, posing a threat to all creatures. In accordance with the advanced studies, around 5 million phones have been thrown out in Ireland. Discarding a phone only because of minor faults can have an adverse impact in the surroundings. Therefore, purchasing a refurbished phone is an eco-friendly option. 

6) No Agreement

Most people cannot afford to buy highly expensive phones and in that case they tend to purchase on monthly installments. Now you undergo a process of signing a contract and if, in any case, you break the rules or couldn’t manage to entail a monthly payment, be ready for the penalties. That is why a refurbished phone can save you from unnecessary hassles.

7) Money-back guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with the refurbished phone you have bought, it is possible to return it to the dealers with reimbursement as most of these dealers offer money-back guarantee. Well, that’s a win-win situation. 

8) Offers Certified refurbishers

Companies like Samsung and Apple which manufacture high-quality smartphones, also provide certified refurbishers as well. Consequently, you will be assured of good appearance and performance while purchasing refurbished iPhones or Samsung phones. 

9) Great Bargain

Considering the decrease in the cost of a new phone over time, purchasing used phones is a good deal. Multiple researchers have found the loss in the significance of most high-priced phones right after a couple of weeks before their launch. So you can easily bargain from the dealers you are in contact with on such phones. 

10) Enjoy all the perks of a brand new phone

Would you not like to have all the perks in a smartphone at relatively low prices? Well, who wouldn’t. Buying a refurbished phone can let you have all the fun that you expect from buying a branded phone. When you buy a refurbished phone directly from the dealers, device insurance will be provided from them. 

What Brands to choose? 

While buying a refurbished phone, you can directly come in contact with the manufacturers. Both Samsung and Apple offer official refurbishers and also this service.

1) Verified Apple Refurbished Phone

Purchasing a certified Apple refurbished phone is exactly like buying new products. It supports at least a one-year warranty and 24 months installment package through which you can save up to 15%. Also, they guarantee you replacement parts. 

2) Verified Samsung Refurbished Phone

Even Samsung’s refurbished phones have completely been re-manufactured by their engineers. More than 400 quality assurance tests have been done on each device in order to meet all the standards and requirements. For customer use, their service does not compromise on performance as well as appearance. In addition, if you want to purchase a used-phone directly from this company you may get a one-year warranty, free delivery, and a free trial as well. 

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