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Reduce Your Cloud Bill with this DevOps Solution

One of the biggest industry shifts these past couple of years is that cloud computing is quickly becoming a rule, not an exception. In the last decade, companies still heavily rely on on-site servers as their main IT infrastructure, with the cloud on the side as a backup despite significant periods of technological revolution and digitalization advancement. This norm has instantly changed in 2020 at the height of the pandemic when businesses scoured for DevOps solutions to support organizational flexibility and flawlessly transition to remote working setups. 

The massive benefits and opportunities that the cloud brought to companies have sustained its relevance post-pandemic, making it a standard rather than a seasonal trend. From the reduction of data loss to increased mobility, it’s clear that the cloud is here to stay. But as a relatively new mainstream solution, cloud computing still has room for disruptions, and its complexity is yet to be simplified. One of the most notable challenges that enterprises face is cloud overspend. From the lack of tracking visibility to the underestimation of resources, cloud cost still remains an unexplored void. 

One Israel-based startup noticed this gap and is committed to bridging it through AI-powered, real-time, and event-driven solutions: nOps.

Managing Cloud Complexities = Saving Money

nOps is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and AWS Marketplace Seller with an AWS Cloud Management Tools Competency status under its belt. Their mission is to help customers tame cloud complexities and promote cost-effectivity. Through their AI-powered SaaS solution, growing companies can build, manage, and operate a well-architected AWS or Azure infrastructure that is secure, cost-optimized, and operationally excellent.

Cloud adoption is one thing; cloud management is another. The most common reason a company’s cloud bill is through the roof is the lack of skills and solutions to efficiently control it. When businesses switch to cloud, taming is a whole different beast that requires specific tools for optimization. This is particularly true for complex organizations where efficient governance is just as integral as speed. 

Since the degree of management control for traditional data centers is comparatively more nuanced from cloud, the cost is often put at risk. This is where nOps come into the picture: they help companies identify mismanaged resources, eliminate waste, reserve capacity for higher discounts, and size computing services to scale. This cutting-edge platform delivers the right size infrastructure for the right price and centralizes cloud accounts into a consolidated billing model. Moreover, it offers advanced chargeback capabilities aligned to the latest cloud costs.

Cost Optimizing Solutions

nOps’ myriad of holistic, cost-optimizing solutions include:

  • Cost tracking – nOps enables companies to track infrastructure costs by project, AWS and Azure account, resource, and employee.
  • Notifications – nOps promotes transparency by giving customers access to real-time notifications of billing anomalies across all regions and services.
  • Asset management – Companies can be steps ahead of their budget by instantly viewing infrastructure changes that affect their cost.
  • Resource planning – nOps allows companies to identify underutilized resources and perform smarter RI & Spot Instances Planning.
  • Rightsize Instances – Companies can determine optimum sizes by continuously analyzing instances.

nOps positions itself as one of the key players in cloud management across multiple industries, from enterprises to SMBs. Their experienced and world-class product engineering team continuously pushes the boundaries in ensuring a cost-effective cloud experience for customers across the globe.

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