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Redefining Voice Assistance With GPT

In a time where instant access to information has become the norm, the limitations of voice assistants like Siri and Alexa have left many users wanting more. Enter Ansh (22) and Patrick (26), two innovative tech entrepreneurs and alumni of the prestigious ZFellows fellowship program, where they were mentored by the founders of Netflix, Doordash, and Tinder. As co-founders of What If Projects, Inc, they are harnessing the power of advanced AI to revolutionize our interactions with technology.

Ansh and Patrick recognized the need for a more intuitive solution to access information, one that would eliminate the cumbersome process of typing out questions and sifting through search results. Their groundbreaking response? Nova – a voice assistant that seamlessly combines the remarkable capabilities of AI models like ChatGPT with the simplicity and familiarity of human interaction.

“Our vision was to create an AI-driven voice assistant that truly understands users, providing accurate and relevant information without the typical frustrations associated with current voice assistants,” explains Patrick. Ansh adds, “We’ve leveraged ChatGPT to create an app that not only comprehends complex questions but also delivers insightful answers backed by a wealth of knowledge.”

The resulting iOS app transcends the limitations of Siri and Alexa, offering an unprecedented level of responsiveness and accuracy. However, the innovative solution has not been without controversy. Critics have raised concerns about privacy and the potential for AI overreach. Undeterred, Ansh and Patrick are quick to address these apprehensions, emphasizing that their app prioritizes user privacy while transforming how people access information.

“We’ve designed the app with privacy and security in mind. Our goal is to empower users to tap into the vast knowledge of the internet with a simple spoken command, without compromising their privacy,” says Patrick.

Now available on the App Store, the new voice assistant has already garnered significant attention, with users praising its ability to understand and respond to their inquiries. As its popularity grows, it’s clear that Ansh and Patrick’s creation has ignited a debate over the role of AI in our everyday lives.

As they continue their mission, both entrepreneurs remain dedicated to democratizing access to powerful AI models. “Although we don’t know if our app is the ultimate solution, we’re committed to exploring new ways to put this power back into the hands of the people,” asserts Ansh, highlighting the importance of empowering individuals with AI-driven tools and resources.

Through their bold efforts to champion the democratization of AI, Ansh and Patrick are setting the stage for a future where technology is not only more accessible but also more attuned to the diverse needs and desires of the people it serves. As their innovative voice assistant gains traction, it’s clear that these ZFellows alumni are at the forefront of a paradigm shift in the world of voice-activated technology.

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