Redefining Tokenization: UWIM

Redefining Tokenization

The last few years are marked by growing demand for blockchain solutions that will completely and utterly go beyond the realm of speculative assets, utility tokens with limited usability, and the like. While the Coinmarketcap and Coingecko charts are overloaded with thousands of such assets, crypto adoption seems to slow down once we take focfleshed-outus on innovative functionality not aimed at expanding the usability of existing blockchain projects. 

This is the challenge that has to be overcome on the way to delivering a wider range of usability for the broad audience of crypto. Thankfully, this challenge is already recognized by many of the industry’s players, thereby projects like UWIM are enabled to rise to the occasion. 

Concept & Vision 

UWIM is a blockchain project aimed at redefining crypto utilization in everyday life alongside significantly expanding the accessibility of this tech. While being initially thought out as a project for the masses, currently excluded from the crypto community, it has finally translated into a vast ecosystem with near unlimited functionality.  

UWIM is the meeting point for bloggers, artists, blockchain developers, investors, and many more. Its ecosystem constitutes a no-code token issuance platform with a highly developed infrastructure around it. Namely, it includes an internal IDO launchpad, token constructor, DEX, wallet, donation platform, and more. With their concept, every infrastructure unit is fully compatible with the rest of the UWIM environment, which guarantees the almost limitless usability for the tokens created within the UWIM ecosystem. 

UWIM Customized Tokens 

While UWIM constitutes a massive multi-product ecosystem, the Smart Tokens issuance solution is definitely at its heart. In line with their internal concept, UWIM is built around customized token construction, with several types of assets available for no-code creation.

Currently, UWIM supports six different token standards (My, Business, Startup, Donate, Trade, and NFT), with many more becoming available in the near future. The users make their choice depending on their goals. For example, those looking to launch a crowdfunding campaign to support their project might keep an eye on Startup standards. In contrast, the Donation standard perfectly fits those looking to raise funds for charities in  crypto. More detailed information on the available and prospective token types is available on the UWIM website.  

Once the choice of token standard is made, the next step is to determine the smart contract details, including the supply, and release your asset via paying a reasonably small commission in UWM (UWIM native token). The straightforward interface makes this process open and accessible even for non-crypto-natives. The user gets his own branded asset already integrated with all parts of the UWIM ecosystem as soon as this is done. 

UWIM is focused on constant platform development and delivering an unmatched level of community engagement. The token constructor serves as a smart solution for those who need to produce their asset and offers a fleshed out suite of features for the tech developers at the same time. Shortly, UWIM will enable developers to earn through the smart contracts they create by placing them on UWIM’s marketplace. 

UWM & UWIM Ecosystem 

As mentioned above, the UWIM ecosystem includes a range of modular products apart from the token constructor. The long list of features onboard includes their own decentralized exchange, donation & crowdfunding platforms, IDO launchpad, a venture fund supporting the most promising community initiatives, and so on. As reflected in the UWIM whitepaper, UWIM users will have a plethora of options to create, develop and boost their token at one spot. 

The entire ecosystem is powered by UWIM native token (UWM), which is not limited to being a good investment asset for early adopters. Its extensive functionality applies to the token issuance, liquidity provision for all user-generated assets’ pools, bounty programs, the UWIM platform voting process, and more. A significant share of existing UWM tokens is frozen in the Risk Reserve Fund to maintain platform stability. According to the UWIM tokenomics, over 60% of existing UWM is intended for the reserve fund, platform development, and UWIM grants.

The IDO & Private Sale 

UWIM stands out from existing crypto startups due to the offering of the MVP long before the public investing round. With several significant VC funds already onboarded, the team has been constantly developing since 2019.  Since then, the international team behind the project has successfully elaborated on its concept, the 4-years-long roadmap, and continued to excel in technical development. Namely, they have successfully completed the seed stage, deployed the vital components into their already live ecosystem, and released several updates for the UWIM blockchain. 

The UWIM team is set to launch their public IDO in March 2022. Q1 2022 is marked as a finishing line for their private sale round addressed to major investors interested in participating in the project. 

While the core team is about to announce the IDO details, the project continues to run private negotiations with potential industry-leading partners. The detailed information on various allocations available on the private round is live and available on UWIM tokensale page.

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