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Red Flag Alert eyes future growth after significant investment

Red Flag Alert

Red Flag Alert are the UK’s leading provider of business data intelligence and analytics to predict growth, global compliance risk and insolvency. Founded in 2004 and based in Manchester, the business provides data insights and financial information on over fifteen million companies worldwide. Using Red Flag Alert, you can make informed decisions in real time, manage your risk exposure, and measure growth. 

Used by a wide range of sectors, including legal, financial services, estate agents and banking, Red Flag Alert is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. The platform has a range of valuable tools to help customers make informed decisions, and complete their regulatory requirements, such as their AML checks and digital ID Verification. 

Red Flag Alert pride themselves on being disruptors in the financial data industry and thinking outside of the box. Taking on the likes of Creditsafe and Experian, they are the most accurate insolvency predicters currently on the market and update their database with 100,000 daily changes. Every UK business is given a health score based on its financial data, and evaluated by a proprietary algorithm, to help predict both growth and insolvency for customers. 

A boost of investment 

Red Flag Alert has recently announced £ 4.5 million in funding from Foresight and Uncapped. With this investment, the proprietary SaaS business intelligence platform has plans to expand its customer base and hire new talent. They also want to capitalise on the current excellent service levels provided to customers, with continual product investment to deliver new functionality for users.

Red Flag Alert recently launched a third-generation platform, alongside a highly intuitive and updated accuracy scorecard, which has enabled an acceleration in growth with a much-improved user interface and functionality. 

Rich West, Managing Director at Red Flag Alert said “The data space is very fast-paced, and the demand is growing especially quickly. As disrupters in the industry, we find ourselves uniquely placed to meet the demands of our customers who need someone available immediately and not a business where they just feel like a cog in a wheel.  

We care about every one of our customers and find that a direct, personable approach is something that sets us apart from our competitors. We’re not afraid to upset the status quo of the market, and that has led to strong growth in our area. We’ve gone from 9 to 50 in just 2 years and this investment will help us to grow even larger to meet the expectations of our customers.” 

 Mark Halstead, founder and Director of Data at Red Flag Alert said, “My background is in data and insolvency, and I’ve seen a lot change during my years in the industry. At Red Flag Alert, we understand that businesses are busy and don’t always have time to guess what will happen to their clients, but what you can do is track their financial health.  

Our investment with Uncapped and Foresight is going to be key to supporting this agenda and move forward with our plans for the future.” 

Foresight and Uncapped’s investment will support Red Flag Alert’s management team with its growth ambitions – providing the capital to continue to invest in product development, create high-quality, sustainable jobs and expand its commercial capabilities and reach.  

If you’re looking for a business intelligence platform that can help you make the right business decisions quickly and easily, why not get in touch with Red Flag Alert today? You can try us out completely for free, for seven days. 

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