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Ultrasonic Detectors Can Help Save the Day When Rectifying Air Leak Issues. What are the basic principle

Air leaks can be a huge problem for many businesses. Not only do they waste energy and money, but they can also be dangerous. The cost of losing money through air leaks is staggering. 

With an estimated £100m a year lost in the UK alone, it’s hard to believe that any industry would be willing or able to ignore their potential for allowing even just 1mm more escaping than what’s already there.

A visual infographic from Direct Air manages to address the necessity of acting upon addressing air leaks immediately and how technology via the form of ultrasonic leak detection plays an integral role. 

Here are some essential ways that this technology form has helped come to the rescue for businesses regarding air leak detection.

The Basic Principle behind Ultrasonic Leak Detection

Ultrasonic leak detection is a fairly simple process. It involves the emission of two sound waves from a transmitter, which then bounces back into a receiver to create an image of any potential leaks within the duct. This makes it possible to identify air leaks with ease and navigate those spots on your network.

Individual leak detectors can be hired or purchased and companies must ensure that all employees are trained when using these devices to know what to look out for. These can be used during hectic working hours and have the ability to reach all parts of equipment without any interferences.

The Effectiveness of Ultrasonic Leak Detection

  1. Faster than Other Methods

Ultrasonic leak detection is significantly faster than most other methods of testing. It can take technicians just hours to check the whole system, allowing them to get on with other tasks relatively quickly.

  1. More Accurate

Since ultrasonic leak detection provides a visual image of where leaks are, you’re more likely to find air escaping in hidden areas of your network that may have been difficult to access otherwise. For example, ultrasonic leak detection can detect leaks in the most difficult-to-reach branches of your network.

  1. Identifies Which Leaks are the Most Serious

Ultrasonic leak detection allows you to find all leaks, big and small. It also provides technicians with more information about where air escapes are occurring within your network, including how far they are from the control valves. That helps you prioritize repairs, saving money in the process.

Furthermore, the development of AI technology as well has helped contribute towards organisations being able to prevent air leak damages and water losses from buildings too. 

  1. Audible (High-Frequency) Alarm

This is helpful for technicians who use ultrasonic leak detection because it alerts them when a potential issue has been identified or eliminated. This makes it easier to move on to the next area and increases productivity.

  1. Multiple Transmitters

This feature allows technicians to use multiple ultrasonic leak detectors at once, which speeds up the process even more and helps technicians identify air leaks without having to spend as much time searching or switching tools constantly. It also allows them to focus on other tasks while the device does the work for them.


With ultrasonic leak detection, you can’t be expected to give it a shot yourself, so leave this task up to the professionals who know how best to identify and fix all potential issues.

It provides businesses with the information they need to efficiently repair air leaks in their networks without wasting time, energy, or money. That’s why all buildings should be equipped with ultrasonic leak detection devices so you can start saving your company money right away.


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