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Recruitment in Tech Companies: Where to Start From

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Working in tech companies has become more exciting than it was before. Vacancies that once seemed dull to most people and were left to nerdy computer professionals are now in demand. It looks like there is a new gadget or application in the international market every day. So, more people want to take part in how technology shapes our future.

It’s not surprising that the most brilliant minds now flock to the tech companies as our society glorifies them and believes that one can make a lot of money working in this industry.

As the interest in tech companies grew, so did the number of CVs candidates send for a specific job. This makes the tech recruiting process more complicated and challenging to manage. How can recruiters make the best choice out of so many candidates? 

Below you can find some helpful tips that can make your tech recruiting process easier and less nerve-racking. 

Tips for successful tech recruiting

1) Create a great employee value proposition

The competition in the industry of technology is getting higher and higher. If you want to attract top talents in this field, you should offer a competitive paycheck. Your offer can stand out from others if you add the perks and benefits that tech candidates will be interested in. 

Remember that only a high salary isn’t enough to get the best tech professionals! They want more than just money.

Here’s what you should consider when creating your employee value proposition:

Compensation Career Culture Benefits
Salary Training Atmosphere Healthcare
Fairness Coaching Values Time off
Pay raise Education Mission Remote working opportunities
Bonuses Promotion Teamwork

What else can the company offer if they want to hire IT people who can change their game and help the company prosper? The best way to find out the answer to this question is to ask it during the technical recruiting interviews. 

Another option is to ask your recent hires why they chose your company. You may be surprised with the answers because sometimes the benefits that you take for granted turn out to be the reason why your new employees applied to you!

When you create the employee value proposition, have the latest research and data-driven insights in your mind. For instance, according to the latest research, 52% of developers find professional development the most crucial factor for choosing a company. Another survey unveiled that 2 benefits are the most important ones nowadays: the ability to work remotely and healthcare benefits like health care insurance and massage.

So, during your technical hiring interviews (they can be either in person or via Zoom), don’t forget to mention the benefits your company offers. It is also worth mentioning them in your job description.


2) Provide a pleasant interview experience

Many companies work hard to attract talents. When they get the applications, they celebrate them and think they are done with the technical recruiting process.

But here is where their wrong path begins!

It’s great to attract many top tech talents who are eager to come to your tech job interview. But you should never stop here. This is where the game starts!

If you want to have a new employee who will immediately accept your job offer, you should organize the most incredible interview for the candidates and sell the job.

Remember that interviews are the first impressions about the company, so they should go home with the best emotions.

According to the research carried out by LinkedIn, 82% of candidates say that a negative interview will make them dislike the role they’ve applied for. So, do your best to become a great interviewer who can make the interviews memorable for the candidates.

This brings us to the next tip that you should consider if you want to hire the best IT people for your tech company.

3) Go beyond their expectations

Do you want to have the best tech talents at your company? Then you shouldn’t sit around and wait for them to apply. Actively follow the hiring and recruiting trends and go out and find them yourself!

Make a targeted outreach with personal info and great opportunities for the candidate. Once you have their attention, don’t just send them an interview invitation. Exceed all their expectations and demonstrate how awesome they are!

Here are just a few ideas for you. You can implement them or use them as inspiration for completely new ideas:

  • Start introducing them to their future colleagues. You can do it online or in person.
  • Show them where they are going to work. 
  • A tour of your office would be an excellent idea, too. You can also give a virtual tour.
  • You can invite the candidate for lunch with your CEO and technical leads.

Organize tech events

4) Organize tech events

Do you think tech talents are interested in formal recruiting events such as open days and career fairs? They are not searching for a job in such places as they get many offers through various platforms like LinkedIn. 

Successful tech recruiting requires creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Regular recruiting events are not going to work in this sphere. So, create an event that will allow them to learn something new, share their skills with others, or compete against each other with their gained skills. 

The best way to do so is by organizing different hackathons, boot camps, tech meetups, or coding challenges and workshops.

digital marketing specialistNow you know how you can start a successful tech recruiting process for your company! If you had trouble hiring IT people before, implement these tips, and soon you’ll gain a competitive advantage in the “war” of the tech industry.

Author Bio:
Armen Baghdasaryan is an experienced digital marketing specialist who is always keen to keep up with the latest updates in the industry and come up with the best marketing solutions.

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