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Recrowdly helps Joodla introduce itself to the world with an epic video

Joodla, an up-and-coming AI and ML automation house came to Recrowdly to help get the word out there.

Recrowdly partners with Joodla, an AI/ML automation company setting its sights on automating the world. Joodla uses its ex-Google expertise and AI experience to help companies automate internal processes with Natural Language Processing models and save hours and hours of time, and it gave Recrowdly the opportunity to tell its story.

Joodla’s founders come from an ex-Google background. They were frustrated at the fact that A.I was becoming increasingly undemocratic, and because of its difficult-to-understand nature, was only in the hands of the few big tech firms who restrict access to it, leaving the common folk out of the equation totally. 

Having built custom A.I models for years, the founders saw the massive potential they could have in using the power of modern A.I and NLP to help companies overcome major everyday problems no one really pays attention to. Joodla’s first initiative was building a custom model that read receipt line items and categorized them into specific buckets – a job that took a human 8 hours a day to do was reduced to mere minutes.

Recrowdly Animation Studios helps companies like Joodla tell their story through visuals and animations. Recrowdly say the format, be it 2D, 3D or mixed media, always has to be in service of telling the story, and in the case of Joodla, the focus was more about the messaging and less about the visuals.

Recrowdly got the opportunity to craft a story for Joodla. They were excited to tell their story and worked with the Recrowdly team to create a storyboard that explained Joodla’s vision and mission for the future. What Joodla really wanted was to get their mission of democratizing A.I put out clearly.

Recrowdly built Joodla a brand, creating 2D and 3D assets from scratch and defining a look that would become essential to Joodla’s identity. They had to find a fine balance between the visuals, text, and voiceover that would convey the message, but would not go over the top.

Recrowdly’s design lead had this to say when we asked about the project: 

“The Joodla story was one that we resonated with quite a bit because Recrowdly itself could have used an AI/ML model that could’ve made things much easier in the past. We’ve seen our clients struggle in situations where an AI or NLP model could have made a world of a difference.”

The video ended up being just under a minute long, but was made in a way where sections could be utilized in shorter marketing campaigns for social media, email, and more. The video ended up being used not just for the website, but also for Joodla’s initial email push campaign, subsequent social media campaigns, and their new website.

Joodla’s CEO, when asked about the video and experience, had this to say:

“Working with Recrowdly was a learning experience and a half. We knew we had to get our message out there somehow but didn’t really find the perfect way to do it, because it was important to do it right the first time. Recrowdly basically took all of our worries away with the way they transformed what we wanted to say into something epic. We’re definitely looking forward to working together on future projects.”

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