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Record Number of UK Nurses Migrating to Australia

Record Number of UK Nurses Migrating to Australia

According to a recent study by Migration Consultant LLC there’s been a massive 400% increase in the number of UK Nurses migrating to Australia. According to Alexander King, Head of Migration at, “It’s more than just a trend; it’s a migration movement driven by a desire for increased respect, improved opportunities, better pay and a much healthier work-life balance. Pay in Australia for Nurses can be up to 2.5x more than they would earn in a comparative role in the NHS”

While the UK National Health Service (NHS) grapples with staffing shortages, increased workloads and an ongoing backdrop of strikes, Australia is emerging as the number one destination for UK nurses seeking a brighter future.

How to Migrate to Australia as a Nurse?

If you’re a UK qualified Nurse looking to move to Australia then you’re in luck! You have one of the most sought after occupations for Australian Immigration. But be warned, it’s not just a case of packing your bags and jumping on a flight. Emigrating to Australia as a Nurse means there are set criteria and requirements. 

Many nurses seeking a new life down under turn to Migration Consultant LLC for expert guidance. What sets them apart is their specialised UK Nursing Australia team, which comprises former NHS nurses alongside experienced Australian immigration professionals. Take the Free Visa Assessment to check your eligibility and find out more.

With an exceptional track record migrating over 8,000 UK nurses to Australia and boasting a 100% success rate, they not only deliver a seamless visa process but also offer valuable support in securing employment opportunities across prominent Australian states, including Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and Western Australia.

Visas for UK Nurses Migrating to Australia

If you’re aged under 45, score 65 points and are a UK qualified Nurse then you’re in very high demand in Australia. You may be eligible for the subclass 189 and subclass 190 Permanent Residency Visa, allowing you to live and work in Australia indefinitely, come and go as you please, access medicare, education and financial services and even apply for full Australian Citizenship after five years.

How to apply for a Visa and get registered as a Nurse in Australia

  1. Take a free visa assessment and work with Migration Consultant for a full done for you service at hugely discounted rates for Nurses.
  2. Get a Skills Assessment done by ANMAC
  3. Lodge an Expression of Interest
  4. Take an English Test if required
  5. Apply for any State Nominations available
  6. Get invited for a PR Visa
  7. Complete the lengthy formal application process
  8. Register with AHPRA
  9. Travel to Australia to activate your visa 
  10. Start work in Australia as a Nurse

The process is multifaceted encompassing eligibility assessments, visa applications, bureaucracy and red tape. Yet for those who are determined, the opportunities are worth the effort. Salaries across Australia for UK qualified Nurses are up to 250% more than their UK equivalent. With the right Migration Consultant, UK nurses can confidently navigate this path, bringing their skills and expertise Down Under while embracing the experiences of starting a new life.

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