Rebooting Finance on Institutional Scale: Interview with the Head of Business Development MENA Region at Scalable Solutions

Throughout slightly less than four years in existence, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has firmly established itself as one of the most phenomenal breakthroughs the history of finance has confronted. Total Value Locked (TVL), the core benchmark for tracking the industry growth, is now approaching $80 billion-the figure approximating the GDP of Kenya. Initially popularized by startups and a handful of early adopters, the next stage in DeFi evolution will be flagged by institutionalization, which is already exemplified by involvement in DeFi of such banking leviathans as JPMorgan

However, the challenge with the adoption of decentralized solutions – and in particular, exchanges and trading software – lies in the time frame, expenses, and level of expertise required to uptake these innovations on the organizational scale. And, ever since the DeFi industry is still ill-famed for being dynamic and highly volatile, a thorough knowledge of the latest regulatory changes is a must. Crossing the barriers of the decentralized space may be an intimidating task if undertaken on your own; however, Scalable Solutions is here to fast-track this transition process.

 A Swiss-based global software powerhouse, Scalable Solutions has been developing blockchain infrastructure and trading software since 2013 – a time when BTC’s price was under $100 USD. Bringing in the expertise of developers with a strong background in quantitative finance, the platform empowers clients and their millions of users worldwide by providing top-notch customized exchange and custody solutions. 

Maintaining the primary focus on B2B, Scalable Solutions can benefit any business with one or more of its core products: Scalable Exchange, Scalable Custody, Scalable Liquidity Connectivity, and Scalable Custodial & Non-custodial Wallets, tailoring solutions to the client’s needs quickly and diligently. The final result – is a brand-new large-scale trading system based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and 24/7 support at every stage of the process. Scalable Solutions has also reckoned with the regulatory regime, enabling anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) features in accordance with the latest jurisdictional shifts. Thus, Scalable Solutions opens a new page of institutional players looking to dip their toes in the digital asset space. Instead of being a pressing challenge, the new technology prepares the way for the rebirth of finance. Babar Ali, Scalable’s Head of Business Development in the MENA region, shares: 

  1. First things first – in which particular ways does Scalable Solutions help players in the finance industry?

We like to think of Scalable Solutions as a digital asset enabler, bridging the gap between traditional financial market trading and that of DeFi/CeFi and cryptocurrency trading. Our team has people with strong backgrounds from both areas, from blockchain pioneers to bankers and other financial experts, not to mention the brilliant developers and engineers we have on board. 

Scalable Solutions provides a strong foundation to digital asset exchanges, brokerages, banks, and other financial institutions through its technology. With our white-label exchange solution, our clients can use state-of-the-art software that has already been tested over nearly a decade, while keeping their brand at the forefront. So, to answer your question, Scalable Solutions helps players in the industry by saving them valuable time, money, and the expertise needed to either launch a full-fledged exchange or digital asset wallet from scratch or seamlessly integrate crypto into current workflows, scaling and securing their existing operations. 

  1. Can Scalable Solutions be regarded as an ambassador of the fintech industry? What sort of clients is it primarily aimed for?

Scalable Solutions can not only be regarded as an ambassador of the fintech industry but an active player in pushing the industry forward with technology that can transform businesses in record time. We help traditional financial institutions, FX/CFD brokers, neobanks, and more take steps toward the digital assets and blockchain industry, via a reliable and tested route. 

We work with a wide range of clients, depending on the solutions they are after. For example, we cater to cryptocurrency exchanges, OTC desks, wallets, investors, and banks, to name just a few. We also work with token or coin projects that want to gain new users and retain them via rewarding programs such as staking. 

Scalable broadens the horizons of companies that have never run crypto operations before with our crypto-as-a-service solutions. As a technology partner, we enable merchants to accept cryptocurrencies, we help games to introduce wallet infrastructure, asset management firms to become custodians, and mobile applications with limited monetization strategies to open up new revenue streams.

  1. What makes Scalable Solutions shine out amidst competitors?

One of the main things that set Scalable Solutions apart is our brilliant team, without whom we would not be where we are today. Scalable has built a strong unit of diverse, talented engineers and managers, working together to bring the most innovative and convenient solutions to the digital asset market. Plus, the Scalable Solutions team has years of experience in the industry, which has given the company time to continuously develop, test, improve and innovate the institutional-grade technology and white-label solutions we offer our clients. 

Secondly, we truly care about our clients and their growth. We realize that when our clients thrive, so does the entire industry, as well as Scalable. Our client’s challenges are complex, so we aim to be there for them not just as a service provider but as partners. The relationship we have with our clients pushes us to constantly do better. Scalable Solutions makes products for people; products that can easily adapt to a constantly changing world, be it technology, legal, or any other industry aspects. 

In terms of the solutions themselves, one of the biggest challenges we see clients face is having the necessary liquidity on their trading platforms to ensure a favorable trading experience for their users. We offer a connection to 10-15% spot liquidity on the market, which significantly boosts our clients’ operations. Besides this, security has always been incredibly important to us. Whether through the security measures embedded in our technology, the KYC and AML partners we have on board, or the custody we offer, our clients can be sure that their users’ funds will be safe. This level of security is harder to come by in our niche. 

  1. How many developers do you keep onboard? What can you share about their backgrounds – and the way it adds up value to Scalable Solutions?

A company can only be as great as the team it brings together. In Scalable Solutions’ case, our team is making a significant impact on the world of digital assets every single day. 

Scalable has over 180 bold, talented and brilliant minds on board, all with unparalleled experience in quantitative finance, high-load systems, and trading. Our teams work across more than 10 countries, including Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, the UAE, Spain, Georgia, Montenegro, Indonesia, and Cyprus. 

The fintech industry is continuously evolving and innovating, and to keep being strong performers and leaders in developing, decision-making, and delivering best practices to the industry, we are open to highly skilled people from all over the world. Accommodating a team with a diverse background means we can be more open-minded with the solutions we develop and in turn offer our clients. 

  1. At Scalable Solutions, the primary focus is laid down on trading software. Why?

Exchanges and other cryptocurrency trading platforms are the primary gateway to digital assets. We chose to focus on this area because there is constant room for improvement, whether from a development perspective or user experience and design, we at Scalable are sure, trading platforms are here to stay and they will need to improve continuously. 

Plus, there is lots of room to grow – we want to make it easier for players outside the DeFi or fintech landscape to jump aboard, and Scalable Solutions to be the partner they choose on their journey to digital asset adoption and management. 

  1. Analyzing the core products brought out by Scalable Solutions, which one is the best starting point for businesses – and why?

The best starting point for someone who wants to create a cryptocurrency exchange or brokerage, or is looking to improve an existing trading platform is our white-label exchange solution. It provides the blueprint and liquidity necessary to have a professional exchange from the start. The white-label trading platform can be customized to the client’s needs, including the list of digital assets they want to offer, the languages available, the features to offer such as margin and perpetual futures trading, and of course, the branding of the platform. In this way, we ensure that our clients’ users interact with the client’s brand. 

  1. Speaking about the development process: how do Scalable Solutions manage to accommodate all the client’s needs within concise timeframes?

It’s hard to beat experience, and that’s exactly what we have. Our technology solutions have been in the market since 2013, so we’ve had time to develop a handful of agile processes, lean management, and commitment to internal growth and education that we follow to ensure we not just meet deadlines but feel the pulse of the rapidly changing market. 

Also, our development team makes sure that our technology is kept up-to-date and in step with the latest advancements in the industry. This helps us be one step ahead and have ready-made solutions before they are even asked of us. 

Plus, we ensure that our clients feel nurtured along each step of the process. Scalable Solutions has a Customer Success team, where each one of our clients is assigned a dedicated account manager to provide any support needed, both before and after the launch of their trading platform. It’s in our DNA to be not just a technology provider, but a true partner to our clients. 

  1. What is the preferred level of blockchain expertise required from the final users of Scalable Solutions?

With all of our solutions, usability is key. Regardless of whether a client is looking to serve beginner traders or a more advanced audience, we can cater to those specific needs. However, at their essence, we want our solutions to be intuitive and easy to use. 

The digital asset industry can be daunting enough without making it harder to get started, so the end-users of any Scalable Solutions products, whether an exchange or cryptocurrency wallet, can expect to be met with a user-friendly platform to meet the news of professionals and beginners, all with top-notch security.

  1. And finally, could you give us an insight into your future plans – what waits for Scalable Solutions next?

 Scalable Solutions will continue monitoring the market and perfecting our white-label and crypto-as-a-service solutions. We believe there is a strong future for the digital asset space, and traditional financial institutions will continue looking to expand into this market – we want to be there for them and for our current and future clients, every step of the way.


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