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Reasons You Need Mattress Protectors

Understandably, you would want your mattress to last as long as possible, given the amount of time, money, and effort you spent on making the purchase. But did you know that a mattress lasts between six and ten years? Some mattresses have a shorter lifespan, and others, like memory foam or latex, last more than ten years. As you use the mattress, there can be wear and tear. Plus, you should also ensure that it remains hygienic, as bacteria and moisture can get into the mattress and lead to many health issues. Is there a way to increase the lifespan as well as keep it hygienic? Yes. By using a mattress protector. Purchase a mattress protector online from retailers like Wakefit and get various benefits. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should use a mattress protector so that it gives you a clear picture of its importance.

Why you Should Invest in a Mattress Protector?

Enhances mattress hygiene: Many people overlook the significance of mattress hygiene. They may do the bare minimum of keeping their bedding clean, but what about the mattress, where you spend nearly 8 to 10 hours in bed daily? A mattress is one of the most used items, and it is highly likely that multiple people use it, which implies:

  • Accumulation of dead skin cells
  • Bacteria, which includes E. coli
  • Bugs, dust mites, fleas and more
  • The buildup of fluids like sweat
  • Decayed food crumbs if in the habit of eating in bed

So pathogens and other things are lurking in your bed, which can put you and your partner at high health risk. Whether you need to buy a king-size mattress protector online or buy a custom-size mattress protector online, you should use a mattress protector based on the size of the mattress and increase the mattress hygiene as it can protect it from all of the above.

Prevents allergies: As mentioned above, your mattress is a host to many allergens and pollutants. Some of the most common are dust mites and bed bugs. These take shelter in the corners, crevices, and stichings of this mattress. While these are unhygienic and uncomfortable, they hurt our health. It can trigger allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to it. A hypoallergenic mattress protector can prevent this from happening. A mattress protector completely covers the mattress; only the bed covers have direct contact with the skin, not the mattress. So it is completely protected from allergens.

Prevents foul smells from bed wetting: Infants and younger children have a phase where they wet the bed at some point. This can lead to stains and an unpleasant odour. This, combined with having to change the sheets, can make it hard for your kid to sleep at night. A waterproof mattress cover online provides an extra layer on top of the bed sheets and gives protection through the night. If there is an accident, the waterproof protector can be washed in a washing machine easily. The mattress remains odour-free and stain-free.

Helps sleep comfortably: One of the main reasons to use a mattress protector is to enhance the life of the mattress, but comfort is also essential. Many people sleep under thick quilts, which can be quite a challenge for a hot sleeper. When you choose a mattress protector that is made of cool fabric, it improves your comfort and, thus, your sleep quality. When you choose a high-quality protector, the underside of it has a breathable material that has good airflow and prevents sweating.

Keeps the mattress investment intact: Mattresses are a huge investment, and it makes sense to ensure that you protect that as much as possible. Mattresses have warranties that become void if they are dirty, stained, or damaged. One of the best ways to ensure that these do not happen is by using a mattress protector that keeps the mattress intact.

Available in many mattress sizes: Mattress protectors come in many sizes. If you have a single mattress, then you can buy a single-size mattress protector online, or if you have a double bed, then you can buy a double-size mattress protector online. Mattress protectors come in all sizes. If you have a custom mattress, protectors are available for them too. When buying a protector, you must choose the best size. For instance, for a king-size bed, the same size protector gives better protection and comfort.

Waterproof options are the best, as they prevent damage to the mattress due to accidental liquid spills. When it comes to budget, it is affordable and caters to all price ranges. To get the best protection for your bedding and mattress, you can also get fitted protectors. An added advantage of using them is that you not only save money on mattress replacements but also save the environment by preventing frequent buying.

Easy to maintain: Cleaning a mattress is often not only time-consuming but also expensive. The best way to clean a mattress is to hire professionals. That is because tools that can eliminate pests, bugs, debris, etc. are not commonly available to people because they are costly. For this reason, many people go without cleaning mattresses for a long time, which results in health issues. Instead of compromising on health to save the cost of hiring professionals, you should think of other ways, like using a mattress protector. It keeps the bed clean and nice all year. Plus, if there are any spills, you can remove them, wash them, and air-dry. When you choose a good protector, it remains intact even after repeated washing.

A mattress protector has come a long way and is no longer that noisy plastic sheet that covers your bed. Most modern mattress protectors are unintrusive, and you will not even know that they are there. But if you are thinking about whether you need another layer on the bed, then you should know if this is important bedding and is a small investment to keep your larger investment (the mattress) intact.

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