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Reasons Why You Should Hire A Domestic Violence Lawyer In Your Divorce

Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence can be defined as “The willful intimidation, bodily harm, battery, sexual assault, and other forms of abuse as part of a deliberate sequence of power and control committed by a single partner against another.” Domestic violence can take numerous shapes, but its main objective is for one partner to try to dominate and control the other. 

You must contact an experienced Fort Collins domestic violence defense lawyer such as Bruno Lilly LeClere immediately if you believe you are a victim of domestic violence or if you fear your spouse will act aggressively against you after you notify them you want a divorce.

Why You Should Hire a Domestic Violence Lawyer for Your Divorce?

1. Your lawyer will provide a protective order for you.

Unfortunately, there are married couples who suffer domestic abuse. A “pattern of abusive behavior within a close relationship intended to gain control and authority over the victim” is what is known as domestic violence. Domestic violence can be carried out by either a man or a woman, and it may happen between married couples. In cases of domestic abuse, abusive behavior may take numerous forms, such as physical harm, threats, sexual assault, criticism, separating the victim, and more.

Married individuals of domestic abuse might want a divorce but be afraid to talk to their violent spouse about it. On the other hand, some people reveal their plans to file for divorce, making themselves victims of domestic abuse. 

2. Your Lawyer Can Explain How Domestic Abuse Could Affect Your Divorce

Your divorce can be affected by domestic violence. Your attorney might address how your situation could impact your legal strategy as the divorce process progresses. For example, in-person mediation or negotiations—which are typical when spouses get on better—may be prohibited under your protective order. To avoid spending as much time with your spouse as possible, you will undoubtedly need your attorney prepared to attend any court proceedings on your behalf.

3. Your Lawyer can Help You with Divorce Finalization.

You are unable to file for divorce until you and your spouse have been separated for a year and a day. Living in different houses and, in basic terms, living distinct lives are a part of separation. The separation time could offer much-needed relief for victims of domestic violence. You will be permitted to reside in separate housing and may have a protective order prohibiting your spouse from coming in close proximity to you. You might be eligible for divorce without bed and board, which is a court-ordered separation if your partner is reluctant to separate.

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