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Reasons Why Python is Better Than Ruby

Python programming

Development of IT products to order is becoming an increasingly popular service. Every modern business needs to go online and automate, otherwise it will not be able to compete further in the market. In order for the final product to be effective and easily maintainable, you need to be responsible when choosing a contractor. Many business analysts recommend preferring the python development company. This programming language has many advantages and allows you to quickly solve diverse problems.

Understanding what makes Python so popular?

In the modern world, dozens of programming languages ​​are actively used, and their number is only growing. But among the most popular we still see C and C ++, C # and Go, Java and JavaScript, Python and Ruby. If you are in doubt about which programming language is best for solving your business problems, ask all questions. In this article, we will tell only the most basic points that are important to consider when choosing.

Each of the code languages ​​has its own characteristics and advantages. For example, C and C ++ are low-level languages ​​and they give the user control over what happens in the computer’s processor. Java is popular for building complex applications, usually used by large companies that value time-tested technologies. JavaScript is number one for developing browser-based applications because it is the only one directly supported by browsers.

Here are the benefits of Python

This language is easy to learn. We do not believe that this is the main criterion. But, as a result, there is a sufficient number of very high-level specialists on the market for this very reason. To get a quality final product, it is very important to have access to specialists with deep knowledge and understanding of the basis.

The main goal of the founder of Python, Guido van Rossum, was to create a simple and understandable programming language for a wide range of people. Learning any language requires perseverance and discipline. But Python in this sense is considered one of the most comfortable, especially for beginners. Simple syntax makes it easy to learn, read, and share. This is what makes it so popular.

This language is very common. This is also a great bonus for the product owner. If you want to move the application to another location or change the technical support team, you can easily find new specialists.

Python is versatile due to its rich standard library (a set of functions that are available without additional configuration), so it is used in a wide variety of areas:

  • Web development;
  • Machine Learning and AI (TensorFlow, scikit-learn, NLTK);
  • Big Data;
  • Game development;
  • Computer security;
  • scientific research (Mathematics (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, SymPy), biology – DNA sequencing).

Disadvantages of Ruby

By no means do we want to say that this is bad or useless language. It is ideal for some tasks. Still, for some reason, we recommend taking a closer look at other possible solutions. These are the reasons:

  • Information resources dedicated to Ruby are clearly insufficient;
  • Ruby is less performant than many other languages ​​used in web development;
  • Ruby is relatively slow to develop and develop.
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