Reasons why COVID-19 will serve as a Growth Accelerator for the Smart Home Automation Market

Smart Home Automation Market

Modern technologies have tapped varied sectors and the residential sector is the most prominent one. The growing influence of technologies like the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and others across a large number of applications at home have increased the demand and popularity of home automation to a considerable extent. The rising popularity of these systems will prove to be a game-changer for the smart home automation market.

Smart home automation refers to the automation of common household activities and processes. These automation systems create a centralized process where all the devices are connected and operated accordingly. The expanding urbanization levels and the rising rural-to-urban migration have led to an increase in the adoption of these systems. From a luxury to a trend, home automation has come a long way. The smart use of data in determining the system automation magnifies the convenience quotient, eventually boosting the growth prospects of the smart home automation market.

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought about a tectonic shift in terms of technological advancements across the smart home automation industry. The stay-at-home orders coupled with the threat of contracting the virus through the surfaces have served as a breeding ground for the development of smart home automation technology.

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Stay-at-Home Orders Accelerating the Influence of Smart Home Technology

Due to the ongoing threat of virus transmission, many countries imposed strict stay-at-home orders. This factor forced many individuals to stay at home for longer intervals, serving as a growth accelerator for the smart home automation market. Smart automation gained traction as the use of technology at home increased with more time spent at home. All these factors brought golden growth opportunities for the smart home automation market.

Automation in Scheduling Certain Home Activities

Touching varied surfaces frequently can increase the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Scheduling the function of turning lights on and off is done automatically through home automation technologies. It will minimize the transmission risk to a considerable extent. Thus, this factor bodes well for the growth of the smart home automation market

Door Lock Management

Smart home automation can enable individuals to attend unauthorized visitors through a video door phone. It is necessary for security purposes and will also guard against virus transmission. Smart doors unlock automatically and prevent individuals from touching the surface of the door that decreases the risk of transmission. These aspects ring the bells of growth across the smart home automation market.

Contactless Elevators

Existing elevators can be transformed into contactless elevators by simply integrating smart home automation. For instance, ElSafe, a contactless elevator solution provider installs a technology wherein a person can scan a QR code and tap the ‘start’ button on his/her phone. This factor eliminates the need for touching the surface of the elevators and prevents transmission risk.

Apart from the rising popularity of the COVID-19 pandemic, a variety of advantages are responsible for the growth of the smart home automation market. Some of the major ones are as follows:

Comfort: Smart home automation helps in creating a comfortable atmosphere around a home. They offer intelligent and adaptive lighting solutions that increase the growth opportunities.

Control: Smart home automation helps individuals to control many functions in a better way across their homes. This aspect churns profitable growth for the smart home automation market.

 Savings: Smart lights and intelligent thermostats help in saving energy and cutting utility costs over time. Home automation technologies are also important for water-saving measures.

The smart home automation market is expected to grow at a rapid rate and will witness extensive technological advancements in the coming years. The players are consistently involving in the process of developing affordable and excellent smart home automation technologies.

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