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Reasons to Invest in a Talented CPA like Pooja R. Loomba

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With the continued advents within the technology field, an argument can be made that the usage of bookkeeping and even accounting professionals is no longer needed. After all, with the creation of services like TurboTax and Quickbooks it would seem to the unintelligent observer, that one could proceed with recording their financial life on their own. But in fact, nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, creating meaningful relationships with well versed tax professionals can ensure your business a tremendous amount of stability. As US News recently reported, there are numerous ways in which advisors can collaborate with CPAs that are worthwhile exploring. Pooja Loomba is one of New York City’s leading bookkeeping, payroll and financial consulting professionals. Let’s explore her vast portfolio of capabilities and the ways in which she has been able to help her clients’ levels of productivity. 

Core Competencies

Pooja R. Loomba, CPA is the founder and owner of her own boutique firm, PL Accounting Solutions. The firm offers bookkeeping, payroll and outsourced controller services. More broadly, Pooja is able to provide businesses and individuals with related needs, the tools to navigate the complex commercial environment – whether that be related to government agencies; or simply financial planning on a personal or business level.

Problem Solving

Pooja’s main strength that lends her a competitive advantage over others in her field is her unique ability to identify any issues that clients might have in their financial records, and be able to rectify them in an expeditious manner. Whether it’s consulting, training or troubleshooting for QuickBooks for small and medium sized businesses, Pooja is always there with a helping hand. She has an incredible amount of passion and drive that she channels toward ensuring client’s’ accounting books are up to date, current and organized. 

Business Experience

Pooja has a wealth of experience completing projects for a diverse pool of clients, in different industries. Some of the recent projects she has completed include converting a property management company from Yardi to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and customizing the software and reports for them. She has also recently been working with an international company to rectify revenue recognition efforts. These efforts have thus far resulted in more than $100,000 in tax refunds for her client. 

Scope of Industries Serviced

Pooja works with businesses in all types of different industries. Among them are law firms, architects, physicians, dentists, HR consultants, insurance companies and technology companies. She also retains a vast repertoire of clients who provide personal services, such as hair stylists, nail salons, barbers, caterers, dog sitters, wardrobe consultants, makeup artists and many more. To broaden her horizons even more, she also works for various healthcare services such as physical therapists, home health care, retirement homes, nursing homes, and medi-spas. 

More than anything else, what has and continues to distinguish Pooja from other accounting and bookkeeping professionals, is her integrity and aching desire to help her clients. After obtaining two degrees in accounting from Queens College in New York and in India, she knew that this profession is where she belonged. She knew she had a passion to help people from many different professional backgrounds and always strived to achieve great levels of success. It is important to understand how beneficial it is for a business to have an accomplished CPA handle bookkeeping. Pooja Loomba is a great example of a CPA who has an outstanding reputation and has helped out countless clients over the years. If a business has not done so already, they should certainly seek out a skilled and talented accountant to assist them. 

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