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Reasons to go for photography course in Delhi

Delhi has fast emerged as the photography capital of India. Budding lensmen have ample reasons to pursue photography courses in this vibrant city. Delhi offers aspiring photographers everything they need to learn the finer nuances of photography and hone their skills – guidance from veteran lensmasters, access to cutting-edge gear, a lively environment to shoot diverse subjects, deep industry networks for jobs and opportunities to exhibit work. Whether you want to shoot for newspapers, delve into wildlife and travel photography or support the fashion and entertainment industry, Delhi has it all with affordable photography course in Delhi fees. The opportunities for growth, resources to immerse in learning and affordable courses make Delhi the ideal grooming ground for photographers in India.

1.    Learn from the Best in the Field

Delhi has emerged as a hub for photography in India, attracting talented photographers from across the country. These renowned photographers, along with promising young names now offer photography courses in Delhi. Learning from such well-known experts who have years of professional experience under their belt is a big advantage for aspiring photographers in the city.

Students get the opportunity to understand nuances of different photography styles and techniques from these leading industry experts through classroom sessions, outdoor shoots and digital lab trainings. Whether you wish to specialize in wildlife, fashion, product, portrait, architectural, food or any other photography genre, there are specialized diploma and degree courses offered by veteran photographers in Delhi. Direct hands-on guidance from them during practical shoots in the field and while post-processing raw images using photo editing software is invaluable for students. This sets a strong foundation for budding photographers to excel in their domains.

2.    Get Access to Cutting-Edge Technology & Equipment

As photography becomes increasingly tech-dependent and high-end equipment proliferates, Delhi’s photography institutes ensure students get access to latest cameras, lenses, lights, post processing software and more for practical learning. Students extensively experiment with and train on cutting-edge digital, DSLR, mirrorless and medium format cameras to understand nuances.

Academies invest significantly in constantly upgrading gear since photography evolves swiftly. Tie-ups with leading brands allow access to newest gadgets for up-to-date industry orientation. Guidance on applications of lighting, lenses, camera settings etc under different conditions boosts technical mastery.

Using premium equipment gives photography students a firm footing before starting careers. However, equal focus is on excelling with basic cameras and even mobile phone shoots. Learning to apply core principles optimally and manipulate available resources to obtain best photographic results under expert faculty prepares well-rounded, adaptable photographers.

3.    Network & Grow Your Business

Delhi is a hub for artists, creative professionals as well as businesses. Studying photography here exposes you to diverse people from the industry. Students get opportunities to connect with fellow photographers, models, makeup artists, designers etc. These contacts often lead to fruitful partnerships and visibility.

Many photography academies also invite well-known personalities for guest lectures and live shoots. Budding lensmen can interact with them first-hand and gain valuable inputs. Such associations play a big role in getting breakthrough assignments when starting out.

Platforms provided during courses to exhibit work also help students win clients. Exposure to media professionals opens doors for publications. All these experiences give your photography career a headstart.

4.    Learn In a Vibrant Environment

Delhi offers countless lively subjects and environments for photographers. As India’s capital, the city always has diverse cultural festivities, protests, sporting events and influential personalities to capture on lens. Architechtural heritage sites contrast ultra-modern buildings for interesting urban landscapes.

Students here get to practice skills at India Gate, Lodi Gardens, Hauz Khas Village, Delhi streets or historic monuments like Red Fort and Qutub Minar. There are offbeat spaces like abandoned factories, crumbling old structures, narrow bylanes and more. Natural sites like Sanjay Van also offer green backdrops.

Such vivid settings to shoot make learning engaging. Students stay motivated to try new ideas, styles and compositions. All photography genres – portrait, fashion, wildlife, product, food etc – have abundant subjects to train lenses on.

5.    Get your Dream Job

Finding placements after photography courses in Delhi is much easier, thanks to the city being the hub of major media houses, production agencies and corporates. Newspapers, magazines, web publications, news channels, video production companies, PR agencies etc regularly hire fresh talent.

Many photography institutes also have dedicated placement assistance cells to help students get hired. Tie-ups with leading employers, job fairs and connectivity with alumni help with recommendations. Students additionally gain access to networks with well-placed professionals.

Delhi’s position as India’s media and corporate centre, along with a lively arts scene makes it easier to get photography assignments too. Word-of-mouth publicity from satisfied clients leads to new projects. Overall, photography as a career gets a strong direction when studying in Delhi.

6.    Affordability & Exposure

While Delhi offers premium photography courses, there are also several affordable options for beginners. Short and long-term certificate courses for digital photography start from Rs 10,000 onwards. Specialized diploma or degree courses range from Rs 50,000 to a few lakhs.

Students can pick from a wide range of academies and institutes providing quality education. Leading names include Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication, Light & Life Academy, Triveni Kala Sangam, Indian Institute of Photography etc. Some colleges affiliated to Delhi University also offer degree courses.

Considering the deep industry networks, hands-on learning practices and wealth of subjects; Delhi offers cost-effective courses. Students also get opportunities to display and sell work during annual exhibitions attended by thousands of visitors. Such exposure propels aspiring photographers towards successful careers.


Pursuing a photography course in Delhi is akin to being in the thick of the action. Constant stimuli through interactions with talented counterparts, shooting at iconic locales, exhibiting work and absorbing technical nuances from veteran mentors will boost skills immensely. Gaining industry exposure while studying opens avenues to launch a thriving photography career right after. Between affordable institutes, abundant subjects and deep networks, affordable photography course in Delhi fees emerges the country’s photography learning hub. For aspiring photographers, no other city offers such a creatively-charged atmosphere to immerse in mastering the lens-craft.

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