Reasons for Taking Microsoft 70-740 Exam Through Using Exam Dumps in Prep Process


Microsoft stands out as one of the best technology corporations in the globe. It offers several services and products such as Server solutions, data solutions, and certifications. Most IT professionals recognize Microsoft as an ideal vendor of credentials that validate their expertise in technology. Recently, Microsoft upgraded its certification program by introducing role-based badges that focus on industry-standard skills. 

Besides the role-based certifications, professionals can also earn the previously issued credentials that are mainly technology-focused, and one of such is the MCSA Windows Server 2016 badge. It can be achieved by passing three exams, which include: 

  • Exam 70-740: Installation, compute and storage with Windows Server 2016
  • Exam 70-741: Networking with Windows Server 2016
  • Exam 70-742: Identity with Windows Server 2016

Before we drill down into the reasons for getting certified, let’s cover exam 70-740 to which this article is devoted to. 

Microsoft 70-740 Exam Details

This exam was designed for specialists who work with Windows Server 2016 and want to get new skills and prove their knowledge. To take it you should already have some working experience with server solutions, know how to install, storage, and compute the related functionalities, how to configure disks and volumes and more. You can find the whole list of the recommended skills on the official Microsoft website.

Exam website here focuses on equipping the professionals with the ultimate skills in the operation and management of Windows Server 2016. It is made up of the following exam topics:

  • Installation of Windows Servers in Compute and Host environments
  • Implementation of Storage Solutions
  • Implementing Hyper-V
  • Windows Containers Implementation
  • Implementing High Availability
  • Maintaining and Monitoring Server Environments

In addition, Microsoft 70-740 is a 2-hour closed book exam which contains 40-60 questions extracted from the above topics. It is also a requirement for every candidate to pay an exam registration fee of $165 in order to be considered to sit for this particular exam.

Reasons for getting certified

Every individual has a unique reason for getting certified but there are always some common arguments. Now, let’s unveil some of them!

1) Stay in touch with technology changes

In every sector, technology has been embedded to ease the way in which things are carried on. Most of the time, there are advancements. About 2 decades ago, we moved from the analog generation to the digital one which is tremendously growing each day. Most of the services today are done online via the internet or a network infrastructure. As a result, you need to be updated with the key changes that are always taking place. And the best way to do it is to get certified prepaway.biz

2) Expand your knowledgebase

It is also important to ensure that you have an expanded understanding of technology. Microsoft certifications are known to cover broad skills in ICT. Therefore, taking one of the available certifications gives you a broad understanding of the area concerned. For instance, 70-740 exam gives you an exclusive and precise understanding of the entire Windows Server 2016. You will be able to install and perform the various computational task which makes the Server responsive and effective.

3) Get recognized by potential employers

Many professionals always show up during interviews for various job roles. Most of the time, it is the nature of the hiring managers to give opportunities to candidates who are competent, dedicated and committed to their careers. Having passed 70-740 exam gives you a chance to be recognized and you can become a Computer Systems Administrator, a Computer Network Specialist. This is because excellence in a certification exam shows that you have the knowledge and skills which the company or organization requires. Therefore, Microsoft 70-740 exam and the MCSA Windows Server 2016 credential draw the hiring managers’ attention.

4) Receive higher pay

Everyone wants to be paid higher despite the tough economy. In most cases, employers only pay higher for the professionals who have gone the extra mile in making the company’s business stronger. Having a certification from the leading vendor convinces the employers that you can provide more valuable solutions to their business and hence you are an asset to their business. According to Payscale.com, the average annual salary a professional with the MCSA certification can earn is $74,000.

5) Gain promotions

Climbing your career ladder is always a desire because it is not good to be in the same position forever. Employers consider posts or promotions to be perfect for professionals who have leadership and organizational skills. Passing 70-740 exam and other two exams which lead to the MCSA Windows Server 2016 credential shows that you have these skills. This is because you have to dedicate your time and resources to prepare for the exams. More so, you have excelled in the exams showing that you know how to strategize tasks to be successful.

How to Prepare for 70-740 Exam?

If you are looking for a better way to prepare for a certification exam, then utilize exam dumps from Prepaway.biz. They are so important because they will help you get familiar with the exam setup, identify the knowledge gaps, gauge your speed, get hands-on skills and gain the confidence to tackle the main assessment.

At PrepAway you can download free dumps for 70-740 exam that were compiled by recent exam-takers. Also, this website offers a paid Premium Bundle for this test. For the price of $39,99, you may get the ete file with the questions and answers verified by IT professionals, a training course, and a study guide to boost your preparation. To open these ete files you shouldinstall a special ETE Exam Simulator which will present you the exam environment.


Microsoft certifications are important for every professional in the IT industry. You should ensure that you have earned a certification that is relevant to your area of specialization. So, get the beneficial exam dumps from the Prepaway.biz website, start your preparation, pass the required exams and enjoy the advantages the certification can provide you with. All the best as you aim higher in your career!

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