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“Realm of Robotics” and “Human Employment”

As we all know “What is robotics?”, “How are robots useful in human life?”. Robotics is the combination of mechanical, electronics & computer science engineering. In the initial days for many people, the robot is a playing thing that useful for kids to play. After that people thought it is one machine which imitates human and useful for small tasks which human can do repeatedly. Nowadays, people believing robotics may decrease the jobs but, it is wrong. A robot is just a machine under the control of the human. The robots should satisfy the human needs. Without the human guidelines, the robot may not work properly.

In the recent times, Japan is the well-developed country in technology. In Japan, for every 100 workers, they have 3 robots. South Korea stands first in manufacturing robots followed by Singapore. Many countries strongly believe that development & prosperity of the country depends mainly on the automation.

For example, a mobile phone is one type of machine. Manufacturing a mobile phone we require many employers and workers. In future, if the realm of robotics grow big and to manufacture the robots also need human. We can see within a span of every few days new technology is implementing in software those implements can possible only through human intelligence. To implement new ideas & to discover new technology human intelligence must be there.

Aspects of robots:

The main aspects of robots are construction, electronic components, and computer programming. The construction of robots can be possible with the study of mechanics, thermodynamics & material science. For that, a lot of manpower is required. A number of motors required for locomotion. Many electronic components are used in robotics. Ex: actuators, Arduino mega, GSM module, sensors etc..Sometimes we need some basic electronic components like resistor, capacitors, transistors, diodes. Initially, man designs the robot with the basic components. For manufacture and assembling the components, robots need the collaboration of human. Robots require manual labor to attach their components initially. Computer programming plays an important role in robotics. Different types of software are used and it is depending upon the task that human needs. Software coded commands are the instructions given to get the required output. As a beginner C, C++ languages are used but, now much-advanced software like Java, Python, Splunk programming are used. Recently in ICICI banks software robotics implemented for power banking operation. ICICI is the first bank in implementing this software robotics. Software developers know how to implement the software in machines and get the required output that used for human. Robots work under the software instructions. In other words, software programming is the heart of robotics.

Replacement of Robots in man’s work:

Nowadays, the works which are repetitive and dangerous are replaced with robots. Coal mining is a dangerous work that man doesn’t to do it because it takes a lot of hard work and maybe leads to many diseases like pneumoconiosis. In the recent times, we can see robots replacing the human in place of paddy field works. Painting and sealing of cars & motorcycles, assembling parts, and other repeated works are doing by robots. Industrial welding, drilling, underground water exploration, space exploration, collaborative assembly, are these are dangerous works which are replaced with robots. Sometimes robots did the inspection if there are complex assemblies.

Actions that Robot can’t replace Human: 

Sometimes while talking to the customers through phone we have to act like the situation but, robots simply speak what we programmed in it. Many people ask irrelevant queries or related to their personal life, at that time we have to speak according to that situation which robots can’t do. Robots don’t know how to carry the unexpected & unpredictable situations. Human creativity always higher than the robot. A human can direct movies whereas robots can’t because the direction of a film requires more creativity. Robotics may decrease the labor market employers but not the creators. A robot can do the works which are programmed to it but, whereas the man can invent & discover things beyond the limitations of a robot.


At present people are not doing the works which machine doing. For example, in factories machines play an important role than the human. Man replaced the repetitive jobs and burden works with machines but, the employment opportunities doesn’t decrease. As same as this in future robots may increase but, employment will not be decreased.

Author Bio: 

Anji Velagana a graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada. He is currently working as a Content Contributor at Mindmajix. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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