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Reality Trading Show Shows Emotional Roller Coaster Of Trading!

New Year, New Forex Trading Challenge! That’s right, Samuel Leach’s YouTube sensation is coming back on the air with a brand-new sponsor. To get all the fans pumped up, we are pleased to confirm that the first glimpses are now available with the trailer released on the 6th of February. You may need a reminder of what this series is all about. Well, here is your official brief: aspiring traders go head-to-head over fifteen episodes, packed with various trading challenges, rewards, and forfeits scattered here and there. With Leach’s previous series Real Forex Trader achieving 1.5 million viewers, the masses will likely be back on YouTube watching how the contestants fare. 

For this new season, Leach has taken on a sponsor for the New Forex Trading Challenge: T4Trade. An appropriate choice for a programme focusing on a diverse handful of traders battling it out to be the best. T4Trade is a broker based and regulated within Seychelles, offering over three hundred different products. These products include access to Forex Trading, stocks, shares, and educational resources from podcasts to webinars, split over live and demo accounts.  

With the new sponsor on board, excitement is building around the series, unsurprising considering the success of the Real Forex Trader and the intensity of the newly released trailer. However, the 2023 release will take a slightly different format.

What did we learn then from the preview? Thirteen international candidates will participate in mind-bending and body-breaking challenges with $600,000 on the line. With $75,000 and a fully funded Diploma for levels 5 and 7 in financial trading to bag, stressful would seem an understatement. 

We got a sneak glimpse of the forfeits for those who do not live up to the standard. These challenges and forfeits are not purely trading-based either and will test not only the physical resilience of the participants but their staying power when it comes to creepy crawlies among other ‘creatures.’ Are you intrigued? I cannot blame you which makes me more than happy to announce that the rumblings on the grapevine indicate the series is due to hit YouTube in April 2023. The fact that the traders possess different skill levels is sure to make things even more ‘interesting’. 

If you are a sucker for reality TV and all its ‘trimmings’ then the highs, lows, drama, and intrigue of The Forex Trading Challenge 2023 make it a must-add to your watch list. If the previous series and the action-packed trailer are anything to go by, there will be plenty of excitement on the cards. It also may be a place to be inspired and if this is the case for you and you desire to learn more about the world of Forex Trading, then be sure to look at Samuel and Co Trading for a source of education and information. T4Trade is another data hub for your research, with various tools to test out on a free demo account. As for now, make sure to stay tuned for any new releases from Samuel Leach and his team, I’m sure like me you will be counting down the days to April.  


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