Real Research Introduces Free Blockchain-Based Private Survey Feature

The Real Research platform recently integrated a blockchain-based private survey feature that is now available for its users. With this feature, users can conduct a survey only with their chosen participants. While this all seems like a very intricate product that sounds like it costs a lot—it’s free.

According to the team, the private survey feature is a way for them to help users get data using the platform without any troubles. Through the private surveys, users can easily conduct the surveys using their contacts, using a spreadsheet, or by simply sending a link to their chosen participants.

This service is meant for students, individual researchers, and people who simply want to conduct surveys with their friends. It’s also a good way to test the platform’s features before opting for a more comprehensive solution.

As for enterprises, organizations, and academic researchers, the Real Research platform also offers various blockchain-based data-gathering solutions. According to the team, the platform is “reliable, secure, fast, and cost-efficient.” It offers a range of demographics as participants will be from the pool of 2.5 million app users from 187 different countries.

The project is the first to integrate blockchain for the survey industry. This brings the fundamental intricacies of blockchain technology to data gathering. Simply put, data that is gathered within the platform are secured, unhackable, and cannot be manipulated.

Because blockchains also naturally eliminate intermediaries, the platform is inherently cost-efficient. The Real Research platform removes the need to hire third-party survey organizations. With the application, anyone can easily conduct surveys directly, saving both time and high service charges. In the sponsor portal, users can easily monitor the live status of ongoing surveys as well as collect the results after it’s done.

According to the team, the platform is also perfect for people who are in a rush to meet deadlines. Based on the most recent surveys conducted on the platform, small-scale surveys with 3000 participants reach their target quota within a few minutes, while larger-scale surveys targeting 200,000 participants are completed within 24 hours.

Aside from the benefits for data gatherers, the Real Research team also created an incentive program to encourage respondents to participate in surveys. The platform rewards users who answer their surveys with TNC Coins. By implementing surveys in this fashion, the platform ensures the accuracy and truthfulness of the survey results.

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