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Real Phone Number Generator – Generate Phone Number

Are you exhausted by getting spam calls or text messages on your real phone number? It disturbs your daily routine life? This is done because somewhere you have added your phone number for account verification on different website. Do you want to get rid of? Do you want a real phone number generator to generate phone number which you can use for account verification? Then you have landed at the right place. Rndgenerator has developed a phone number generator. ou can use it freely and there is no need of sign up.

What is phone number generator?

A phone number generator is a tool that generates fake phone numbers. And it can have used for multiple purposes, such as protecting privacy, avoiding spam calls or messages, and bypass phone number verification requirements. The random phone number generator creates a list of random phone numbers and the format of these phone numbers are similar to real phone numbers but they do not work like real phone numbers. You can use these fake phone numbers for temporary communication or for creating account on different websites.

Now there is no need to add your personal phone number for sign up on your favorite websites. There are lot of chances of getting spam. Mostly websites do not protect your phone number and telemarketer get your phone number and start sending spam advertisements.  You can use these fake phone numbers for watching entertainment on TV, sports, playing games and much more.

How to generate phone number?

It is very user friendly and you can easily generate a list of random phone number according to your need;

  1. Select the country which you want to generate the phone number
  2. Then select your desired city
  3. Enter the amount that how much fake phone numbers you want
  4. After this, simply hit the generate button. That’s it. You have a list of fake phone numbers.
  5. Download it in CSV format or just copy these random phone numbers. Now you can use it anywhere according to your need.

Benefits of using a phone number generator:

A phone number generator is a tool that can be used to create phone numbers automatically. While there are multiple benefits of using real phone number generator. Some of these are as follows;

Quick and easy way of generating phone numbers: With a phone number generator, you can quickly generate as many phone numbers as you need. You can generate fake phone number in quick and easy way. Select the country which you want to generate phone number, select the quantity of the phone number and hit generate button You will your required phone numbers.

Variety: Every time you will get unique phone numbers.

Easy to get: With the help of phone number generator you can quickly create a new phone number without the need to contact a phone company or service provider.

Security: When you use a fake phone number generated by fake phone number generator, you can reduce the risk of spam that may occur if you add your real phone number to unknown parties.

Test applications: Developers may use fake phone numbers to test applications that require phone numbers for verification, without having to use their personal phone numbers.

Marketing campaigns: Companies may use fake phone numbers in marketing campaigns without using real phone numbers.

Unauthorized phone numbers: These temporary phone numbers are unauthorized by the telecom company. Because these phone numbers are generated by using different algorithms so you can use it freely.

Signup on different websites: When signing up for a new service or website, you may not want to give out your real phone number for privacy reasons. In this situation, you can use a temporary phone number. But on this temporary phone number, you will not receive a pop message or call for account setup.

 How the phone number generator works:

Phone number generator uses algorithms to generate random phone numbers. The algorithms take into account the rules and conventions for phone numbers in different countries and regions. For example, phone numbers in the United States typically have ten digits, while phone numbers in the United Kingdom have eleven digits.


A phone number generator is a tool to generate phone numbers. You can use this phone number generator for generating phone numbers for testing purposes or signup on to different websites. It is important to use it ethically.

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