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Real Liposomal Vitamin C: Everything You Need To Know About

Real Liposomal Vitamin

The recent pandemic has resulted in increased awareness about health and well-being in the general census. This recent awareness has led to the popularity of supplements like vitamin C. Vitamin C is an all-round supplement that improves a variety of body functions, such as strengthening the immune system and protecting joints and arteries from damaging free radicals. 

Liposomal vitamin C is the most preferred form of vitamin C supplement that is encapsulated in specially designed liposomes known for their faster absorbing rate and bioavailability. Unfortunately, many people lack knowledge of liposomal vitamin C and are, therefore, hesitant to use it. 

This comprehensive guide is going to provide you with all the essential details you need to know about real liposomal vitamin C

What are Liposomes? 

Real Liposomal Vitamin

A liposome is a tiny sphere comprising an outer fat membrane and an inner payload of water-soluble substances. This liposome’s membrane is made from the same fat in the cell membranes throughout your body: phospholipids. 

Since their discovery, liposomes have been studied as artificial models of cells. However, liposomes are vastly smaller in size compared to the cells in your body, allowing them to pass into cells without difficulty. 

The distinctive property of liposomes aids in delivering their contents (nutrients) directly into your body’s cells without energy consumption. Similarly, r protects its contents from getting digested or oxidated before the final delivery into your cells. 

Health Benefits of Liposomal Vitamin C 

Real Liposomal Vitamin

The health benefits of real liposomal vitamin C are similar to regular vitamin C. The principal function of vitamin C is the production of collagen, the primary protein component in the human body. Since collagen is such a crucial protein for the structures that hold our bodies together, vitamin C is essential for wound repair, healthy gums, and preventing easy bruising. 

Several scientific studies on liposomal vitamin C have been conducted. Liposomal vitamin C was proven in one fascinating experiment to decrease reperfusion injury, which is tissue damage that occurs when blood flow returns to the tissue after a lack of oxygen.   

Reperfusion damage, which happens after a heart attack or stroke, is a problem with many cardiac and cardiovascular operations. Intravenous vitamin C protects against reperfusion damage as well. Since liposomal vitamin C has a high absorption rate, it can be taken orally as an alternative to intravenous vitamin C. 

  1. Heart and Brain Health 

According to a study, consuming vitamin C through food or supplements can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by roughly 25%. Vitamin C in any form enhances endothelial function and ejection fraction. 

Endothelial function is defined as the contraction and relaxation of blood vessels and enzymatic release to manage blood clotting, immunity, and platelet adhesion. The ejection fraction is defined as the percentage of blood pumped through the ventricles when the heart contracts with every beat. 

Together, these results suggest that vitamin C can be important in preventing cardiovascular disease and improving heart health. Recent research found that liposomal vitamin C reduced brain tissue damage from reperfusion when given before blood flow was limited. 

  1. Increased Bioavailability 

One of the most popular benefits of liposomal vitamin C is its increased bioavailability compared to traditional vitamin C. 

Bioavailability is the efficiency of vitamin C that can be absorbed into your system. A liposomal vitamin C supplement allows your small intestine to absorb more nutrients than a standard vitamin C supplement. 

A recent study found that vitamin C encapsulated in liposomes can increase vitamin C levels in the blood compared to an unencapsulated (non-liposomal) supplement at the same dose. 

  1. Improves Skin Quality

Sun damage is considered one of the primary causes of skin ageing, mostly because UV radiation breaks down the skin’s supportive and structural proteins, collagen and elastin. Since vitamin C is needed for optimal collagen production, researchers wanted to know if liposome-encapsulated vitamins might play a role in anti- ageing nutrition. 

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study was conducted to assess the impact of liposomal vitamin C on skin firmness and wrinkling. The study found that those who took 1000 mg of lypospheric vitamin C daily experienced a 35% increase in skin firmness and an overall 8% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. In contrast, those who took 3000 mg daily saw a 61% improvement in skin firmness and a 14% decrease in fine lines and wrinkles. 

  1. Strengthen Bone Mineral Density 

With time, our body starts to lose its bone density due to insufficient nutrient intake, lack of vitamin D, and other physical factors. This is especially evident in women over the age of 30 and those past their menopause; they are at high risk of osteoporosis- which causes bones to become brittle.  

Some clinical trials have shown increased bone mineral density in the radial shaft, femoral neck, and hip region by 3% in women who intravenously consumed 100-5000 mg of vitamin C supplements.    

  1. Helps Control Diabetes

Around 422 million people globally suffer from the chronic condition of diabetes, which is the major contributor to blindness, kidney failure, and cardiac arrests. Diabetes was responsible for over 1.5 million global deaths in 2019.  

Vitamin C can improve islet cell function in patients suffering from T2DM and can be used for prior detection of diabetes and subsequent treatment. Additionally, vitamin C also improves the glycemic levels and insulin sensitivity of diabetic patients. 


Vitamin C holds numerous health benefits that can aid you in living a more prosperous and fulfilled life. While traditional vitamin C does not completely get absorbed by the body, Liposomal vitamin C has a unique encapsulation technology that delivers the nutrients directly to the bloodstream.  

In addition, since Liposomal vitamin C delivers more nutritional value per quantity than its counterpart, they are also an economically viable option. So, make real liposomal vitamin C a part of your daily regime to experience its amazing benefits

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