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Real Japanese Rice Festival Gohan Fes To Be Held By Japan Fes On July 16th.

On the day of the largest Japanese food festival in the U.S., visitors will enjoy mochi pounding and a hands-on onigiri (rice ball) making experience.

JAPAN Fes, the largest Japanese food festival in the United States, organized by Jforward inc (Headquarters: New York City, President: Dragon Yamamoto), will hold “GOHAN (Japanese rice) Fes” on Saturday, July 16th 2022 in New York Cityʼs Chelsea neighborhood (6 Avenue/19-21st Street). The event will feature six separate restaurant booths, each highlighting the appeal of Japanese rice. In addition, a special stage will be set up for visitor-participation events such as the “mochi pounding” event and the hands-on onigiri (rice ball)-making experience event.

GOHAN (Japanese rice) is perfectly suited for everyone. It’s GLUTEN-FREE and contains carbohydrates, vitamins, and protein with perfect balance.

This yearʼs JAPAN Fes will provide event-goers with the unique opportunity to experience delicious, authentic Japanese rice and to learn more about this nutritious Japanese staple.

In addition to the regular JAPAN Fes, in which visitors can enjoy Japanese food such as ramen and okonomiyaki, there will also be a “GOHAN Fes” area on July 16 (Saturday), co-hosted by the Consulate- General of Japan in New York and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) New York Office. The GOHAN Fes area will provide Japanese food fans in New York with the opportunity to taste and learn about the soul food of Japan, “GOHAN” (Japanese rice).

In the “GOHAN Fes” area, six separate restaurant booths will be preparing cuisines made with Japanese rice.

Additionally, a special stage will allow visitors to experience not only the delicious taste of Japanese rice but also the fun of making it. The “mochi pounding” event will invite visitors to experience traditional Japanese mochi pounding, and at the onigiri (rice ball)-making experience, guests can learn how to easily make beautiful rice balls.

According to reports, “Umami Square,” the e-commerce site that allows customers to enjoy authentic Japanese food at home from anywhere in the U.S. via email order, will also be promoting a Japanese rice campaign from July 1st to July 31st. Culinary information will be available on the Umami Square website, highlighting the appeal of pesticide-free and nutritious Japanese rice, how to cook Japanese rice easily at home, a lecture on how to serve rice with “Umami Square” products, and more. This event is said to have something of interest for everyone, from beginners to seasoned Japanese food fans. 

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Event Information : 

Title:  GOHAN Fes

When: Saturday, July 16th

Where: Chelsea, 6th Avenue between 19-21st Streets

Hours: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. 

Cuisines in the “GOHAN Fes” area : 

– ONIGIRI (rice balls) Tsuna・Ume・Konbu・Salmon / by OMUSUBI GONBEI

– Kind of Sushi hand rolls / by MakiRevo / TabiKase

 – MATSURI BENTO / by BentOn

– Chashu bowl / by GO GO Curry


– A5 Wagyu traditional beef bowl / by J-spec Wagyu Dining

There will be something of interest for everyone, from beginners to seasoned Japanese food fans.

About Japan Fes

Japanese Fes is the largest Japanese food festival in the U.S. that promotes the taste and enjoyment of Japanese rice. Due to the immense popularity of JAPAN Fes, July 16th will mark the 63rd time the event has been held, despite the first Japan FES taking place just six years ago in 2016. The festival has attracted over 10,000 Japanese food fans at each previous event throughout New York City, from Astoria to Brooklyn and all around Manhattan. 

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