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Real Estate Prospecting Postcards: Why Experienced Realtors Love This Marketing Method

When researching how to market yourself as a real estate agent, you’ll find thousands of articles on the best methods and practices to try. 

If you keep reading, you’ll eventually notice a pattern. Almost all of them mention real estate postcards. 

This article will examine why experience realtors love real estate prospecting postcards and why you should give them a try. Continue reading below to learn more.

Scales With Your Real Estate Company Growth

One of the best benefits of real estate prospecting postcards that realtors tout is their ability to scale with their company’s growth. Although it may be tempting, you probably don’t want to eat into your entire marketing budget on postcards, but once you have created the template and started your campaign, it is straightforward to scale. You simply buy more cards and add more homes to your mailing list. 

The reverse is also true; you can quickly scale down your real estate prospecting postcards campaign during a slow season. For example, if you are working in an area full of snowbirds, you wouldn’t expect much action during the summer months, so you can quickly scale down the number of real estate prospecting postcards you are printing. Unlike other marketing methods, you aren’t tied down to a fixed scale or price point.

Target Specific Market Areas

Another benefit of real estate prospecting postcards is their ability to target specific market areas. If you have located a neighborhood with a high potential to have sellers, you can create a mailing list of just the homes in the area and mail directly to them. Most other marketing methods make a vast blanket that targets many people. But with real estate prospecting postcards, you can hyperfocus on your desired potential clients.

Builds Brand Recognition

Real estate prospecting postcards almost feature a headshot of yourself, your contact information, and professional photos of the house you are selling or just sold, meaning it is a great way to build brand recognition. This is especially important because of the postcard’s ability to hyper-target specific areas. 

If you have located an area ripe to sell in the current housing market, the next step you must take is to make yourself an authority figure in the local market. With real estate prospecting postcards, you are not only highlighting yourself but also highlighting your previous work. If you have sold a house for above the expected selling price, advertise it using a Just Sold card with the price the home sold for. This can entice other homeowners to contact you and list their houses on the market.

Real Estate Prospecting Postcards Are a Must For New Realtors

Generating leads is always the most significant challenge new realtors face, especially after exhausting their contacts. With real estate prospecting postcards, you have a tried and true method of generating leads and building brand recognition. Real estate prospecting postcards are a must if you are a new realtor looking to survive in this competitive industry.


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