Real Estate Company RE/MAX Begins Accepting Crypto Payments Using Swapin B2B Tools

Accepting Crypto Payments

Real estate giant RE/MAX is one of the largest in the world, with more than 100,000 agents and 6,800 offices worldwide. The brand reaches across more than 100 countries and represents one of the superpowers of the real estate industry. Their signs are featured all across the globe and are a stamp of quality when it comes to the home buying process.

For the first time ever, the real estate giant will be accepting crypto payments thanks to a new partnership with crypto-to-fiat payments pioneer, Swapin. Find out more about this exclusive partnership, all about the RE/MAX brand, and what this means for the crypto community at large.

The History Of RE/MAX And Why This News Matters

RE/MAX was founded by Dave and Gail Liniger in 1973. The company grew because it provided its agents with the largest commissions possible – something that was rare at the time. The company exploded to more than 100 franchises in two years.

In the 1990s, RE/MAX expanded outside of North America to European countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, and more. Eventually, the company spread to South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand and continues to expand its operations globally.

In the 2000s, RE/MAX began listing all of its properties, including homes sold by its competitors on its website online, dominating the market. In 2013, RE/MAX Holdings Inc. raised $220 million in its IPO. A secondary offering was completed in 2015 and raised $185 million.

Today, in the 2020s, RE/MAX is once again seeking to redefine its business by accepting high-value crypto assets in exchange for real estate and allowing its clients to purchase properties using crypto for the first time ever.

RE/MAX Utilizes Swapin B2B Solutions

So how does RE/MAX plan to do it? The answer is in Swapin B2B solutions. Following a rebrand and the reveal of its company roadmap, Swapin was established several partnerships in high wealth sectors, such as real estate, luxury goods, investments, and jewelry. Following news that online diamond retailer E-Jewels would exclusively partner with Swapin for crypto payments, RE/MAX has announced the same. Swapin is also partnering with notable investment firm Aufort Gold.

Swapin solutions allow these businesses to accept crypto payments from eager customers seeking to spend their crypto or diversify investments on real estate, luxury items, or diamonds and gold but receive fiat currency to their bank accounts. Because of the instant crypto-to-fiat conversion, businesses don’t have to deal with crypto compliance, accounting, or the risk associated with volatility.

The exact amount an invoice-based business charges its customers using the CoinCollector direct payment link tool, or through the E-Com e-commerce widget will be received to a connected bank account regardless of crypto market volatility. The process is instantaneous, safe, and works as a bridge between the world of crypto and big banks. This happy medium keeps business needs satisfied while allowing companies to reach new revenue streams and audiences.

What This Partnership Means For The Crypto Community

RE/MAX is one of the most prominent brands in real estate today, partnering with a pioneer in the crypto-to-fiat payments space. The possibilities of what this means for the crypto community are endless. Crypto users can diversify risk away from crypto into the booming real estate market, buy properties around the world for business or leisure, or simply find the dream home they always wanted.

All of this is only possible through this exclusive partnership between RE/MAX and Swapin. Learn more about what Swapin can do for businesses and individuals seeking to use their crypto.

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