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Ready to take your NFT trading and bartering to the next level?

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Be one of the first to receive early access to Ginoa’s free-to-use and pioneering AI platform by joining the 15,000-strong waitlist. Experience the thrill of complete NFT trading and bartering freedom ahead of our much-anticipated launch on January 31st.

Featuring a free AI pricing tool and hassle-free barterplace, Ginoa’s partnerships already include prominent NFT figures like Justin Wu, the founder of DCentral Miami. Waitlist members will be among the lucky few to be the first to access this powerful all-in-one platform for buying, selling, and exploring more than 3000+ NFT and metaverse collections, as well as enjoying insights from industry experts. For NFT traders looking for a trustworthy, easy-to-use platform that helps them to make smart investments, Ginoa is the perfect fit. 

A transparent, AI-backed NFT valuation tool

Building the most trustworthy tools for NFT traders globally, Ginoa is the intelligent way to buy, barter, and explore for free. Using proprietary AI, Ginoa analyzes on-chain data, search trends, rarity information, and more to calculate the price evaluation of more than 3000+ NFT and metaverse collections with 95% accuracy. 

With the aim of putting an end to speculative NFT pricing, our tool leverages AI to make it effortless to get trustworthy information about an NFT collectible’s current value. 

Ginoa’s algorithm takes into account NFT traders’ core reasons for investment: 

  • Trust: Fake volumes, rug pulls, fake sales
  • Valuation: Based on current price estimation, item rank, airdrops, stolen products 
  • Liquidation: Taking into account current market conditions (bear vs bull markets), NFT hype, and long-term liquidity
  • Fees: Both platform and royalty fees

Ginoa also enables traders to customize valuations according to up-to-date metrics such as image features, wallet information and time intervals using AI, as well as optimize the buying and selling process according to current market trends and other key factors. There will also be a token available that will be used in the ecosystem and offer exclusive benefits to holders. This includes buyback programs, fee discounts as well as additional offers on certain NFTs.

Enabling NFT investors to make better-informed, data-driven decisions about their investments or barter offers, Ginoa helps to empower traders and mitigate risk. Strategizing in the NFT space has never been so easy.

Valuation for blockchain gaming

Thanks to Ginoa’s quick and unparalleled transparency, the valuation tool is already trusted by 10+ NFT marketplaces, NFT loan protocols, and NFT wallets, as well as leading blockchain gaming studios like Mixer and Hoody. Ginoa provides AI-backed valuation for more than 1 billion blockchain gaming items, enabling users to compare rental prices for both owners and players in just one click, dramatically streamlining the process for both parties.

Hassle-free barterplace 

The first barterplace to exist in the NFT arena, Ginoa’s platform enables holders to barter and trade up to 100 liquid collections while enjoying fees of less than 1%. Even better, Ginoa Pass holders receive a further fee reduction varying from 25% to 75% depending on their chosen pass category. Offering an exciting new opportunity to enter and exit collections, Ginoa is all about democratizing NFT bartering, ensuring that you can trade peer-to-peer and make offers that are fair and worthy. Our barterplace removes the need to sell for liquidity to enter a new collection and eliminates the risk associated with OTC swaps.

Revolutionizing NFT trading, join Ginoa’s waitlist today so you can experience the future of digital asset exchange. Simply sign up on our website today to be one of the first to gain access to our all-in-one platform. 

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