Ready For A Wave Of Crypto Newbies: Interview With Tina Nastran, Pr-Manager Of Cryptounity.

CryptoUnit Team

Another rally in the cryptocurrency market, which came after a long crypto winter, inspires new supporters to go into crypto. A wave of beginners is about to cover the market. And along with it, a tide of disappointments and losses can come, and after them a new crypto winter could occur. But, fortunately, the industry is constantly strengthening, now it is ready to welcome newcomers and help them quickly integrate into the market, avoiding faults and losses.

The CryptoUnity project allows anyone to quickly start trading cryptocurrencies.  Many other projects promise to do the same. But CryptoUnity not only proclaims this, but it does this. It simplifies the path to cryptocurrencies for everyone, while offering education, support, and a secure cold wallet.. The PR-manager of the project tells in more detail.

1) Why is a cold wallet so important for beginners?

Cold wallets are the safest way to store your crypto funds. Therefore, they are important, not only for beginners but for everyone who owns crypto assets. Cold wallets are not connected to the internet and are therefore resistant to hacker attacks. They exist in various physical forms, the most familiar of which is the form of a USB port. At CryptoUnity, the cold wallet will be protected by a three-phase authentication. The first stage will be the confirmation of identity via fingerprint or facial recognition, the second step is a one-time password and the last, third step is the confirmation of the transaction using the CryptoUnity NFC card, which is simply held up to the phone.

2) Why does CryptoUnity provide an educational program?

We believe that education is the sole basis for starting your path in the crypto world. Especially since our target group consists mainly of beginners. More experienced people might not need it as much, but we’re sure that if they think back, they will realize what having a legit source of information and support would mean to a newcomer. That is why our educational part – the CryptoUnity workshops – starts with the basics and gradually approaches more complicated topics. With time, webinars and seminars will also join our tutorials, where we will be able to go more in-depth with certain topics and offer people live discussions on them.

3) What is the CryptoUnity BAPP and what is its purpose?

CryptoUnity’s BAPP program is an affiliate program, where we offer some kind of a reward to our users in return for spreading the word about us. It is the simplest form of partnership for us and the community, as they receive a paid commission for their work in cryptocurrency via blockchain technology.

In our BAPP, you create your own code that you share with your friends and followers. If someone makes a purchase using your code, they receive an additional 5 % of CUT tokens, and you receive a commission of up to 10 % of their purchase.

You can receive a 5 % commission in one of the following cryptocurrencies: ETH, BNB, and BUSD. If you choose our token CUT, however, you will receive an additional 5 % commission, i.e., a total of 10 %.

The whole purpose of our program is to reward our community and our supporters and to thank them for spreading the word as fairly as possible.

4) How do you take into account the opinion of the crypto community and how does this help you develop your project?

For us, our community is very important. Since we are developing a beginner-friendly exchange, we want to do everything we can to offer the best experience possible. And in our minds, we can do that only if we ask the actual users for their opinions. We pay great attention to UI/UX optimization and will also work with our community when testing the application itself, so we get their feedback and maybe they point out something we don’t even notice. That is why we lean a lot on our community and their thoughts. We also want them to feel like they are a part of our project. That is why we have exclusive community airdrops, meet & greet events, a special group for those who want to help even more with spreading the word, and so on. We do not exist without our community and will always be eternally grateful for every single member that supports us.

If anyone would like to become a part of our community, they are welcome to join our main Telegram  channel and/or visit our website.

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