React Native Development Essential Tools you Need to Familiarize Yourself


React Native has been the preferred framework by many developers ever since its release when it comes to mobile development. It’s fast-paced, creative, and scalable, making it the perfect ingredient for rapid mobile app development. You might have noticed this trend on some apps lately, mainly because of many developers shifting their focus towards react native development services for its consistent and solid fundamentals that make the code stable for every release, which is a necessary trait to have for future endeavors if we’re looking at it from a business perspective.

However, all of these that are mentioned aren’t possible with just the framework alone. There are tons of tools out there that help developers bring out the best from their projects. So, if you’re looking for some tools to help get you started, then you’ve come to the right place.

Ignite CLI

React Native’s signature is speed and consistency, and Ignite CLI amplifies this even better thanks to its provided project templates. As a result, you don’t have to compose your boilerplates from scratch and instead have them ready, depending on what you need. Ignite CLI is also fool-proof, meaning that it works as intended. Couple that with a tremendous and fast-growing community, and you got yourself an all-in-one tool.

Typescript and VS Code

Typescript is more than just a “yet another JavaScript,” and in the context of React Native development services, it helps in a way that you don’t need a specific environment to make it work.

However, VS Code is much more complicated than Typescript and is a perfect choice for people trying to make things happen differently or out of the box. Furthermore, Microsoft made both tools, so transitioning or simply switching from one another won’t be that difficult.


When it comes to reliability and impact, CodePush takes the trophy. React Native development services are known in the developer circle to push updates in real-time without any delays. Such feat has never been done before and what allows React Native to do this is with the help of CodePush. Users can instantly see the changes on their apps without waiting for minutes after the developer pushes the update through. It’s a cloud service that acts like a central repository where apps can gain access through using a unique SDK exclusive to React Native.


SVGR may be a simple tool, but its use and ability to make it easier for developers to do SVG integration into a React Native environment helps a lot in the long run. The developers behind SVGR also made sure that it is developer-friendly, and it could be used right away to avoid any delays. If you’re still unsure of using it directly in your project, you can try going to this link and see SVGR in action online.

React Navigation

If you’re looking for navigation solutions, then look no further with React Navigation. We know that it sounds straightforward, but what you see is what you get, and Navigation will never fail. While it is the number one tool recommended for beginner React developers, it is still a viable tool even if you’re already a veteran for its ability to do everything out of the box. However, combining this with a more advanced tool is necessary if you’re dealing with a more extensive and much more complicated project since it can be limited at times. Still, React Navigation is a reliable tool that can save you some development time.


Redux acts as both a state container and a JS library. Having it open-sourced is probably the best fact about this tool as it helps develop app user interfaces, which is a difficult task to handle, given the fact that there are thousands of apps floating in the app store these days. Although Redux is excellent on its own, we still think that experimenting with other tools and variations is essential to get the best results.


React Native is still a growing community, and as a framework, it has a promising future. We hope you learned something from this article, and it is essential to note that all of them are relatively easy to find and install.

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