React: A Great Choice for Any Project

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When a company is looking for programmers, there is often a requirement to be able to work with React. It’s understandable, as React developers are in demand due to numerous reasons. But why is this JavaScript framework so popular and why many companies prefer it? Let’s have a look.

What Is React

React is a JavaScript framework for working with user interfaces (UI). Facebook developers were the ones to create it. It began to be used on this social network in 2011. And in 2013, Facebook opened the source code. So, what is react used for? 

With React, developers create web apps that change display without the need to reload the page. Because of this, applications react quickly to user actions, such as filling out forms, applying filters, adding goods to the cart, and so on.

React is often used to draw UI components. Besides, the tool can also fully control the frontend. For this, React is used with frameworks for state management and rooting, such as Redux and React Router. React can also be used to develop single-page and mobile apps.

Why Use React?

This tool is loved by programmers because it’s convenient and easy to use. A variety of projects can be done with the help of it. It is used for both large projects with a complex structure, and for something modest. Quite often, start-up projects are built on it, since the project is paid off easily with this tool.

Here are several well-known projects built on React:

  • Facebook. React is used partially, but both in the PC version and in the mobile application.
  • Instagram. In this highly popular app, this framework plays a huge role, from the ability to determine the geo-position to the accuracy of the search functionality (such things are often done on React).
  • Netflix. The framework helps speed up download and improve performance.
  • Yahoo! Mail. Thanks to Facebook, these services have become streamlined in terms of architecture. Many updates were required to achieve the desired result: easy debugging, low occurrence, independently deployable components. 
  • WhatsApp – The specialists of this service decided to use React to create user interfaces.

There is also a React Native. By name, it may seem that this is the same tool, but it is not. React Native is needed for mobile application creation for both iOS and Android platforms.

React Advantages

If your company needs a digital solution on React, the best option to get a quality product is to hire a team of experienced professionals. With the help of a development company that knows what React outsourcing is, your product is guaranteed to be successful. Besides, React advantages are numerous. So, key features of React are:

  • declarativity;
  • versatility;
  • component approach;
  • virtual DOM, JSX.

One of the key features of React is versatility. This framework can be used on the server and on mobile platforms with the help of React Native. This is the principle of Learn Once, Write Anywhere.

Another important benefit of the tool is declarative. Using React, the developer can control how the interface components look in different states. The declarative approach reduces the code and makes it understandable.

React is a component-based tool, this is another key feature. Each component returns a part of the user interface with its own state. By combining components, the programmer creates a completed web application interface.

Another important feature of React is the use of JSX. JSX is a syntax extension that is useful for interface describing. JSX is similar to HTML. However, it is still JavaScript.

This tool is easy to learn because of its simple design, using JSX for templates, and very detailed documentation. So, developers spend more time writing modern JavaScript and are less worried about code specific to the framework.

React: Convenient and Popular 

According to a study by The State of JS 2019, in which more than 20,000 developers took part, this tool leads in the category “Frontend libraries and frameworks.” 71% of respondents said they used this framework previously and will use it in the future. So, React is the leader. That’s why professionals who perfectly know how to use it are in demand and will likely be in demand for quite a long time.

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