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The tourism industry in Thailand has been slow to recover after the pandemic has eased. More travelers are visiting Thailand, but they may still have to overcome several barriers. A shortage of flights may be because airlines are not serving all areas at full strength yet, and the countries may still be experiencing many Covid cases preventing them from fully opening their borders.

If your business has anything to do with the tourist industry in Thailand, the best thing you can do is be as prepared as possible to serve your customers once they arrive. That means partnering with an international SEOagency.

Hotels, rental car agencies, restaurants in tourist areas, and tour companies shouldn’t be aiming their products and services at local consumers. If your brand serves the tourism industry in any capacity, you need to reach out beyond national borders and start an international SEO programme to find your customers before they even set foot in Thailand.

Many visitors have already set their itineraries by the time they arrive in the country. It’s too late to offer your products and services. You need to be able to reach these customers while they’re still in the planning stages of their upcoming holiday. This means having the ability for your website to appear in their home country and in their native language.

Speaking Their Language

Being able to communicate in your potential customer’s native language goes a lot further than just explaining your products and services. Reaching out to them half a world away means you value their business and are taking extra steps to ensure you can communicate with them. These extra steps are appreciated by visitors and make them feel more comfortable and trusting in giving you their business.

You probably know the nationalities of most of your regular overseas customers. By making a list of these nationalities, your partner SEO agency can develop an international SEO strategy using geotargeting.

Gain Loyal Customers with Geotargeting

Geotargeting underlines the importance of your overseas customers by greeting them in their native language whenever they enter your website from their home country. You might have ten countries that most of your usual customers come from, and by using geotargeting, your website will appear in each country’s language in that region of the world.

This makes it easier and more comfortable for customers of many nationalities to plan their Thailand vacations, and it also helps you expand your brand awareness to more cities around the world.

An international marketing strategy can also help your brand avoid any cultural missteps that may threaten to ruin your carefully-built business. You’ll be able to translate your message using foreign words and phrases that are appropriate to the topic in any one of hundreds of languages.

Partner with Primal

Primal is an award-winning SEO and digital marketing agency in Thailand that can provide your brand with the ability to reach your customers in a variety of languages all over the world. Increase your brand awareness worldwide with the services of Primal.


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