Ravendex to Hold AMA on Bitmart Ahead Of Testnet Launch, ISPO & Staking Platform Release

Ravendex to Hold AMA on Bitmart Ahead Of Testnet Launch, ISPO & Staking Platform Release

On the 31st of January 2022, Ravendex, a Cardano startup project, will host its AMA on Bitmart Exchange. For the unknown, an AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything”.

What exactly is an AMA?

AMA in crypto is a live online session in which a crypto project team specialist answers questions from crypto investors, consumers, or the general public regarding their project. As part of Bitmart’s Ravendex AMA, Blockchain fanatics may ask questions regarding Ravendex’s intentions for development, roadmap, and what’s next. This will help create a unique bond and clear all doubts users, investors want to clarify.

It was also stated that Ravendex’s development team, Ravendex Labs, will be releasing a beta version of their native Cardano Token staking platform and an NFT collection consisting of 10,000 pixelated raven birds with associated proof of ownership on the Cardano blockchain.

Because they are more valuable than the majority of today’s NFTs, holders of Rave NFTs may receive RAVE incentives and other Exclusive Rewards from the NFTs. One can visit the NFT minting portal to create a one-of-a-kind Rave NFT.

Rave Token

Despite recent falls in the cryptocurrency market, RAVE, the utility token of Ravendex, has maintained constant values and dodged volatility. The Rave Token was designed and introduced by the team as a utility token when it comes to the ecosystem’s staking, yield farming, and Launchpad fees.

Cardano NFTs maybe be staked and sold on secondary Cardano NFT exchanges, allowing users to engage in governance and earn more Rave. The community sets the token’s price to help Ravendex achieve its decentralization aim, allowing the community to trade and offer liquidity while also staking and approving forthcoming projects on the IDO platform.

How to Purchase RAVE Token

Rave Tokens are traded on BitMart and have a market cap of more than $5 million. Tether (USDT), Ether (ETH), and plenty of other cryptocurrencies are among the commodities BitMart offers, with a daily transaction volume of over $1 billion, according to CoinMarketCap. This makes BitMart one of the best-performing exchanges in terms of daily trade volume.

According to the team, the Cardano mainnet DEX is expected to be operational and feature-rich by the end of the first quarter of 2022. By increasing Plutus script memory units per transaction up to 12.5 million. Input-Output, Cardano’s partner firm, hopes to boost the speed of decentralized applications running on the proof-of-stake blockchain.

About Ravendex

Ravendex is a decentralized exchange (DEX) for the Cardano blockchain that uses an automated market maker. The ecosystem supports asset trading on its network at a predetermined rate through the protocol. In order to facilitate quick asset and liquidity transfers between Cardano tokens and its protocol token, ADA, Ravendex uses the ecosystem’s capabilities and low costs.

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