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Ravendex, A Cardano-Based Project, Releases its DEX Demo, to start with Tokens Sales soon

Ravendex, a new Cardano project has made a demo version of its first decentralized exchange, having features like Swap Pools, Light & Dark Mode.

While the company continues to make rapid progress after the private token sale started, which has 100 million $RAVE tokens available for the investors, while 82 million $RAVE tokens are already said to be sold out.

Ravendex team is committed to launching a working DEX on the cardano ecosystem before the year ends.

The project will be launched and maintained using funds raised from the sale of $Rave tokens to early investors.

Features Of Ravendex

Ravendex will also have A Staking Platform and also a decentralized lending and borrowing platform, which sets it apart from other Cardano network projects as they are one of the very few projects on the third generation blockchain with the idea conception.

Investors & Liquidity providers can give liquidity to tokens and in return, they will make profit from transaction fees. Alternatively, users can stake their assets on the staking platform and earn a commission and percentage from borrowers’ fees.

According to the Ravendex team, their decentralized exchange will include wallet connect features, Asset Price display and transaction list features.

They will also keep their payment fees low and secure. As a matter of fact, Ravendex aspires to be the Cardano network’s primary financial hub.


Ravendex reveals that the total number of $RAVE coins will be limited to one billion.

Investors will be able to stake, provide liquidity, or vote with their tokens on the Cardano network.

The Private Sale Phase is almost filled as the company has already reached 82 percent of its goal of selling 100 million tokens by the end of its first private sale and the pricing places it at 0.00225 ADA per $RAVE token.

By going to, you can take part in the sale as an early adopter.

The Cardano-based project, on the other hand, intends to hold a total of five sales which can be seen in the sale stages page.

Ravendex, like many other cryptocurrency projects, plans to open its sale to the general public later this year.

200,000,000 $RAVE tokens will be available in the pre-sale phase at a price a little more expensive than the private sale at 0.0027 ADA per coin.

Those who missed out on the first public sale will have another opportunity to purchase $RAVE tokens for 0.0032 ADA each. A total of 100 million tokens will be sold during this stage.

This Medium link provides more information about the Ravendex project:

About Ravendex 

Ravendex is a Cardano-based crypto project that aims to create a decentralized exchange.

Its purpose is to provide a platform that has incredibly minimal fees and allows for quick cross-border transactions.

More importantly, it aspires to include features that will be useful to Cardano supporters. Also, we also look forward to creating a community of active investors who may vote on issues. They can also lend coins or provide liquidity to create a fully functional decentralized exchange.

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Company Name: Ravendex Labs

Contact Name: Raven


Location: Dublin, Ireland



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