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Raskin together with Cheney along with Cheney Democratic Reps. Adam Schiff and Zoe Lofgren, both of California formed the subcommittee

The House panel that is investigating the January. 6 , attack at Capitol Hill in the U.S. Capitol is looking at recommending that to the Justice Department pursue an unprecedented criminal case of insurrection, as well as two other charges against the former president Donald Trump.

In addition to insurrections, uprisings and other movements with the aim of overthrowing the regime and a broader uprising, the panel is contemplating recommending that prosecutors pursue charges of obstruction of an official process and conspiring to fraud authorities in the United States, according to an individual knowledgeable about the subject who is not allowed to speak publicly about the private discussions and spoke with The Associated Press on condition of confidentiality. The committee’s discussions continued until late on Friday night, but no decision was made regarding the specific charges that the committee will refer authorities at the Justice Department.

The panel will be held in public on Monday afternoon, and any recommendations will be released public.A third person who was aware of the panel’s deliberations, and who did not discuss the specifics of the private discussion confirmed that the panel was examining three charges. The panel’s lawyers said in the opinion of that person that the three criminal statutes were among the most compelling cases to consider.

Its decision to make referrals isn’t a surprise. Rep. Liz Cheney, from Wyoming. The vice-chair of the committee has been ruminating about sending Justice Department criminal referrals based on the vast amount of evidence the panel has accumulated since its formation in July 2021.

“You should not lead an unarmed group to the Capitol and you should not remain for 187 minutes and not end the attack when it’s in progress. You are not allowed to send out tweets that promote further aggression,” Cheney said about Trump on the NBC show “Meet the Press” on October. “So we’ve been extremely explicit about the various criminal offences which are likely to be at issue with this particular case.”

The chairman of the committee, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss). She described potential referrals this week, putting them into a variety of categories which include crimes and ethical violations, as well as legal misconduct, and violations of campaign finance.

It will then be up on federal prosecutors to decide whether to pursue referrals to prosecute. Although it does not have any legal authority, the recommendations from the committee could increase the stress on Justice Department as it investigates Trump’s actions.

“The most grave constitutional violation in terms is the effort to overturn a presidential election and bypass constitutional law,” committee member Jamie Raskin D-MD. reported to reporters this week. “Subsidiary to all there are a myriad of statute-based violations, which provide evidence of the seriousness and the magnitude of this violent assault upon America.”

Raskin together with Cheney along with Cheney Democratic Reps. Adam Schiff and Zoe Lofgren, both of California formed the subcommittee responsible for drafting the referral recommendations and then presented the recommendations to the entire group to consider.

In the course of its investigation The committee has issued recommendations that some people in Trump’s circle ought to be prosecuted for not complying with the congressional subpoenas. One of them, Steve Bannon, has resulted in an indictment.

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