Raptor 8k Drone Canada Reviews LEGIT Or SCAM? Read Before Getting

In all, Raptor 8k Drone is considered a top-rated drone selling out now. Currently, it is the best-selling selfie drone in Canada, selling only on the official website at $99 per one.

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the form of an aircraft that are autonomously or remotely piloted. They’re equipped with cameras, sensors and other technologies that allow them to capture data and images from the air. There have been significant advancements in the video and photography field since the introduction of drones which allows capturing of images from different aerial angles. These advances in technologies have made drones more accessible. They have become an essential tool for content creators, photographers and videographers. They offer a much more affordable approach to shooting stunning aerial videos and photos.

Like other Products, there are different brands in the market, making it difficult for customers to identify the best drone that is made with high quality material and are very prone to damage and are not efficient, this is why raptor 8k drone was built to end your search and help you have a better filming experience and at an affordable rate.

What is Raptor 8k Drone? What are the features of the Raptor 8k Drone? Raptor 8k Drone price? Raptor 8k Drone Reviews Canada ? Where to get the Raptor 8k Drone in Canada? Keep reading, this is an in-depth review. In the end, we also have links to the official product sale page where you can get the Raptor 8K Drone at discounted prices.

What Is Raptor 8k Drone? 

Raptor 8k is a selfie drone with a foldable propeller designed with quality plastics and electronics. It is compact, lightweight, portable, and one of the fastest drones of its size ever produced.

The Raptor 8k is an advanced model of drone for personal and professional use. It was built with high quality materials and containing desirable features needed by photographers, content creators and videographers. They were designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to use for both outdoor and indoor activities. It flies through small spaces and captures high quality videos and images. It requires no technical knowledge of how to operate it. It comes with an easy to follow manual for easy accessibility and usage. It has numerous features for better filming experience and numerous sensors for easy suspension in the air without crashing with objects.

Raptor 8k uses a quality HD camera and it is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery with more than one thousand charging and discharging cycles.

From real users, Raptor 8k captured in high definition at 120 frames per second and recorded an incredible speed of 30 miles per hour (the fastest). It weighs just a few grams and can fly both indoors and outdoors. It is simple to use and comes with an easy-to-read user manual balanced with text and images.

Unlike some drones sold out, Raptor 8k comes with a mobile app compatible with all devices so that users can control it via their smartphones and it also supports live streaming. Is so good and captures stunning footage never imagined before and its applications are endless (you are only limited by your imagination).

It gives you stunning, steady, and sharp videos and images from different angles and perspectives. It is suitable for videography and photography for picnics,vacations,filming, content creation and for all kinds of events, ceremonies be it wedding, birthday celebration or get together. It also has a large memory size

If you have been yearning to improve your photographic abilities, capture mind-blowing and stunning locations from different angles and perspectives, then the Raptor 8k drone is perfect for you. Its aerodynamic model makes it possible for it to fly without distortions, crashing and also possible for it to fly through small spaces. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor videography and photography. It helps you to create and keep memories of fun times and hang outs. It’s for personal and professional use. It is made from tough and high quality materials which are responsible for its durability.

Indeed, Raptor 8k is a new-age drone designed by experts. It is smarter, more powerful,  stylishly designed and it is packed with features. For the time being, Raptor 8k is providing a 60% discount on all orders and It is exclusively sold online in Canada

Features Of Raptor 8k Drone

Raptor 8k drone has amazing features which have made it outstanding and responsible for creating stunning and amazing videos and images.

Here are some of the features advertised by the manufacturer:

High altitude flying capability: Raptor 8k has the ability to fly to extreme heights up to 120 meters without being affected by strong winds while capturing different angles of a location or events.

High quality videos and images: It captures 720p videos due to its 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. It takes clear videos and images in HD form. The videos and images are steady and crystal clear.

Silent and aware feature: the drone performs its function judiciously without any form of environmental disturbance or noise. It had advanced sensors that made it aware of its surroundings.

Anti-collision sensors: The drone has anti-collision sensors which prevents it from colliding with objects while in motion. The sensors also stabilize the movement of the drone. Its antigravity sensors enable it to stabilize motion and land without crashing.

Wifi access: the drone can be connected to the internet through wifi. This is a unique feature lacking in most brands available. It allows the user to operate the drone using a smartphone. The footage is also accessible using the smartphone since the drone and phone have been connected to the internet through the wifi.

GPS Module: this allows for easy monitor and control of the drone by the operators.

Durability: it can last for years without developing technical faults since it’s a product of tough and high quality materials. Maintenance and proper handling also extends the durability and lifespan.

Strong battery: it has a strong and long lasting battery with a high capacity of 500mAh which is easily rechargeable using the USB cable and it can last for an hour when fully charged.

Benefits Of Using Raptor 8k Drone

Using a raptor 8k drone has amazing benefits which are related to its features. These benefits include:

Stability: The flight and control of the drone is made possible by its amazing features which are the anti-collision sensors and the anti-gravity sensors.

Aerodynamics: it moves at very high speeds of up to 30 miles per hour and it’s not affected by the wind or weather conditions as a whole. This benefit is not common with other drones.

Quality videos and images: it takes crystal clear live footage in HD form which is due to its 1080p camera and its 12 megapixel camera.

Its operation and usage is weather independent.

It is easy to operate and requires no technical know-how.

It is user friendly.

Versatility: it can be used for a wide range of applications including video making, photos, surveillance.

It allows accessibility of areas that are difficult or impossible for humans to reach.

It is affordable, comes in various packages which include the beginners pack, pro piloted and ultimate pack.

Panorama : With a wide flight path range and wide lens, you can get 360-degree panoramic shots.

6 Axis Self-Stabilization : With automatic self-stabilization technology, it records smooth and crisp video footage and reduces blurry images on every flight.


Aerial photography and videography: Its high quality cameras capture stunning aerial photographs and videos for various purposes which could include filmmaking, real estate marketing and surveying.

Monitoring and inspection: they can be used to monitor and inspect pipelines, bridges as well as wildlife populations, construction sites.

Search and rescue: thermal imaging cameras and other sensors can be used to search and locate missing persons or disaster zones.

Defense and military: For surveillance, reconnaissance and targeted strikes.

Entertainment: It is used in entertainment events such as light shows, fireworks and drone racing.

Pros: Raptor 8k Drone Canada

The Raptor 8k drone has various advantages over other conventional drones.

It is easily controlled

Everything captured by it is crystal clear.

It is lightweight, compact and foldable

It has high altitude

It has anti-collision sensors and antigravity sensors.

It has 1080p and 12 megapixel camera

It is made from high quality materials which is responsible for its durability


Raptor 8k drone is limited in stock and is only available for purchase in the official website of the product to avoid Getting inferior products in the name of raptor 8k drone.

Prices In Canada (Raptor 8k Drone Canada Reviews)

One Raptor 8k Drone costs $99

Two Raptor 8k Drone cost $197

Four Raptor 8k Drone cost $297

All prices are in United States dollars, shipping charges are calculated at checkout.

Where To Get Raptor 8K Drone In Canada 

On the official website, Raptor 8k Drone is not selling like other brands that you can see in local stores. We recommend getting from the official website

Raptor 8k Drone Reviews In Canada

” The videos I made are so clear, they look so realistic and I couldn’t believe that they were taken by me”…. Mark S

“The fact that every moment of my picnic with my family was properly recorded is mind-blowing” I love every bit of this drone. Said John

Great drone for learning how to pilot a drone. This is definitely not a toy but a real drone with very easy to use features. The camera has decent image quality and does a good job. Said by another verified user from Canada


How long will the battery last?

On average, it Las 25 minutes

How long does it take to recharge it?

Approximately 70 minutes

What is their return policy?

60 days, starting from the day your order arrived.

How long does shipping take?

5 to 7 business days

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, but at additional cost, at around $33


Raptor 8k drone is fast taking over the market and lots of customers have testified to its efficiency, durability and other amazing features and functions. It is one of the best drones we are recommending and many users are extremely satisfied. It is selling mostly in Canada and other countries are paying serious attention.

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