RANDRIDE Forerunner off road ebike electric mtb full suspension electric mountain bike test ride review

As an emerging cycling brand, RANDRIDE always puts quality as the focus of its products. It insists on focusing on affordable prices and excellent performance, and produces various styles and models of ebikes. RANDRIDE ebike uses extremely durable material – Aluminum Alloy, it has won the favor of many riders through its sturdy and sturdy frame.

What we tried riding was the RANDRIDE Forerunner electric mountain bike. This electric mtb adopts a stylish full suspension frame design, mainly equipped with a 1000W brushless motor, a 48V 23AH removable lithium battery, Shimano 27-speed gear shift system and Shimano front and rear hydraulic brakes.

RANDRIDE Forerunner emtb s Specs

Weight: 64 lbs(29 kg)

Rider height range: 5’2″ ~ 6’8″ (158 – 203 cm)

Total Payload Capacity: 410 lbs (186 kg)

Battery: 48V 23Ah lithium battery(removable)

Motor: 1000W Brushless motor

Motor sensor: Torque Sensor

Torque: ≥90 NM

Number of Pedal Assist Levels: 5

Display: Colorful LCD display(with USB charging port); Display the information of speed, mileage, power, gear etc.

Wheel Size: 27.5″X2.4″ CST Puncture-resistant Tire

Gear Shift System:Shimano 27-speed

Brake Type: Shimano Hydraulic Brakes

Shipping and Assembly

First of all, the packaging of RANDRIDE is very strong. The Forerunner electric mtb arrived without any damage, and the gifts are also included. During the assembly process, I was able to assemble the product easily, and all the accessories were assembled.

I have assembled many bicycles, so this off road ebike was not a problem for me. I assembled it in about 30 minutes. Of course, there are corresponding instructions in the box for assembly, and there are also assembly videos on the website for reference.

How the RANDRIDE Forerunner Ebike Performed

Since we need to conduct professional tests to test the performance of Forerunner, we chose some different terrains for field testing.

Performance: Urban Overview

I set the pedal assist to first gear, and I can drive on city roads smoothly, and the driving is very smooth and the speed is very gentle. Different settings can be made according to different riding conditions, but for me personally, using one It’s perfectly adequate for riding in high gear.

The Forerunner is specially designed for off road riding, but its performance on flat terrain is not inferior, and it is even more suitable for city riding than some bikes specifically designed for city ebikes.

Performance: Off-Road Overview

On rugged roads, I drove the Forerunner for many challenges. It can adapt well to various terrain changes, including winding roads, uphill roads, and downhill curves. We have tested them in some places. There are gravel, some places are smooth and covered with moss, but these cannot hinder the progress of this e bike mtb. It conquers these terrains well and completes the challenge.

Performance: Pedal Assist Modes and the Motor

RANDRIDE’s motor has been set to the highest wattage before leaving the factory, so it travels very fast. Top speed reaches over 30 mph(48 kph0. What I like about this emtb is that its maximum speed can be set freely to suit the speed limit policies of different roads.

The torque of the Forerunner is 90 NM. Most of the time I will not use 90 NM. I will only use the highest torque when climbing hills to conquer the terrain. The motor does not make any noise when driving. The entire driving process is very quiet and no excessive noise can be heard.

Performance: Hill Climb Test

When I use the Forerunner to climb hills, the entire process is very easy. The pedal assist is very effective and gives a lot of support during the entire climbing process. Assistance makes the entire climbing process relatively easy. The ebike is very light, so its own weight will basically not affect the speed of climbing.

Performance: Brake Test

Forerunner off road ebike uses Shimano Hydraulic Brakes, which do not make any sound during the braking process, and the operation is not very complicated. It can be triggered by gently pinching with your fingers.

Throughout our testing, we found the brakes to hold up well and provide good feedback.

On my way home, the brakes felt secure and sure-footed, working quickly even on steep terrain. Used with the 27.5″X2.4″ CST Puncture-resistant Tire, there is no need to worry about braking problems on various gravel roads.

Performance: Range and Battery Test

The Forerunner’s details page claims that in pure electric mode, its battery life is 57+ miles (92+ km). We have conducted tests and the battery life reached 52+ miles (84+ km), we are very satisfied.

How to get this RANDRIDE emtb?

You can buy this cost-effective full suspension electric mountain bike from their official website. There are 21 speed gear shift system and 27 speed gear shift system configurations to choose from. No matter which one you choose, you will get six free gifts, and you can also use their Off Code: “LT100” to get $100 USD Off. The minimum price is only US$1,849, and you don’t need to pay any extra shipping and taxes. You just need to wait for the ebike to be delivered to your door at home.

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