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The NFT industry is constantly on the move, participants and potential buyers have to always be on the lookout for what is the newest trend because the standard is always changing. Non-fungible tokens are prized for being unique, and while that is still an integral part of most collections,  most of the attention has been shifted towards utility.

The NFT space is chock-full of all kinds of projects offering a diverse range of functionality and other features. Nowadays, it can be challenging to sift through and choose the right one but with RAM NFT membership, the need for this is eliminated.

Let’s take a look at what RAM NFT is and how exactly the creators are going to revolutionize the NFT market.

What is RAM NFT Membership?

It can be described as a comprehensive NFT-focused product offering; an NFT membership that allows the holder to mint an NFT from a different collection each month for a year. You essentially gain exclusive access to 12 distinctive NFT collections.

As explained earlier, simply deciding on an NFT collection to mint from can be a difficult task. You have to consider various factors such as what the project offers, the credibility of its creators, whether or not it is supported by a solid community, and if its value will be sustained in the long term.

Purchasing a RAM NFT membership eliminates the struggle associated with staying on top of the newest trends in the NFT space. RiseAngle inc, the company behind RAM NFT collections provides holders with only non-fungible tokens of the highest quality.

RiseAngle is a game development company with a focus on virtuous games; the first of its kind and a pioneer in an industry saturated with imitations. Virtuous games go beyond entertaining players; through a combination of immersive storytelling and technologies such as blockchain, NFTs and VR, RiseAngle uses its games to encourage better qualities such as compassion, deep thinking, diversity, and so on.

What are some of the biggest benefits of a RAM NFT Membership?

To start with, a RAM NFT membership is a brilliant tool if your goal is to build an NFT collection.

It’s like a delivery service that brings all the best NFTs to your doorstep, there is no such thing as monotony because the collections mapped out for each month are all unique. They will feature non-fungible tokens in various forms such as 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional art, digital comics, and even metaverse-based NFTs with AR/VR functionality or even combinations.

One of the best things about purchasing an NFT is that you become part of a community of people who are just as excited about the product as you are. Great NFT collections are usually backed by a solid, invested community and though there’s often a lot of talk about how this helps validate a project, something that is hardly ever brought up is how much fun it can be for the community members.

The problem here is if you’re into a lot of projects, or perhaps want to build a collection, it can get tedious having to join several discord servers and keeping track of all of them. RAM NFT solves this by being community-driven, but with a twist! You only have to be part of one multifaceted, highly inclusive discord community.

While not all the collections a RAM NFT membership will bring you are integrated with the metaverse, at least a few will have metaverse utility. This is especially valuable as non-fungible tokens are shaping up to be inextricably linked to the metaverse and P2E gaming industry. If you’re after reliable projects that deal with either play-to-earn games, offer metaverse functionality, or perhaps go a step further by merging the 2, RiseAngle is just the company you need.

So far, RiseAngle inc has launched 5 games that have amassed over 300,000 installations, the company’s vast experience with metaverse games makes them unrivaled in this field. Over the past few years, RiseAngle has reportedly had an NFT integrated gaming metaverse called World of Mazes NFT Games Metaverse in the works.

The game has been said to offer fresh, exciting products like story NFTs and secret NFTs. However, the only detail RiseAngle’s founder Kaveh Vahdat has shared is that the platform further builds on the company’s formerly published VR World of Mazes games. The new World of Mazes will be metaverse based, will function with non-VR devices, incorporate NFTs, a P2E model, and other features better discussed in this video.

To access the benefits outlined above you would have to mint a RAM NFT or buy it from a secondary market as the membership itself is an NFT.

At the moment RiseAngle has plans for the release of the second set of RAM membership NFTs dubbed Gen 2 which will go live in March or April this year. Gen 1, which the company says will remain the best of all the RAM generations, was released last year. Only 400 RAM NFT – Gen 1 tokens exist, making it one of the most exclusive collections to ever hit the market.

Generation 1 and 2 NFTs have near-identical functionality, they both allow holders to mint tokens from RAM collections for free and only pay gas fees. When the holder tries to mint the NFT from a RAM collection, the smart contract simply looks into their wallet to determine if they have an NFT from any RAM generations. What distinguishes both generations is how long the membership lasts and the number of collections holders can mint from.

The membership NFTs are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain which enables them to be transferable, tradeable on NFT market marketplaces, and verifiable. Each membership NFT also comes with an edition number and unique access to a range of perks enforced by the smart contract.

After announcing the impending launch of Generation 2, the RiseAngle team added updates to the RAM Gen 1 allowing holders to mint 6 more collections for free, a total of 18 to be exact. Additionally, they kicked off a special airdrop exclusive to Gen 1 holders; a 3D NFT model called RAM 3D embodiment featuring unlockable content such as 3D model itself, textures, and a refined PFP.

For a better glimpse into what RAM  membership NFTs stand to offer holders, let’s take a look at the collections that have been announced so far and their extraordinary features.

World of Mazes Epic NFT Collection

Perfect for game enthusiasts, this collection is composed of finely crafted digital artworks that were originally assets in RiseAngle games.

As non-fungible tokens that are based on assets of a professional game company, holders are receiving an astounding level of value. Furthermore, these tokens may come with a utility at the time of mint or later, quite the catch don’t you agree?

RAM Cats Collection

With their style and graphics, the NFTs in this collection hold greater appeal for individuals with particular art preferences. However, as it is quite literally composed of cute and funny cats, it can still be enjoyed generally.

The RAM Cats Collection contains both uniquely designed and automatically generated cats. It appears to be in the running to rival the Cool Cats project, one of the most popular collections in the NFT market; this might be a rivalry to watch out for.

RAM Mazes collection

Featuring 3D generative mazes, this is the RAM collection with the greatest potential regarding metaverse integration. RiseAngle hasn’t shared a lot of details but looking over the speculations coupled with the explosive success experienced by other metaverse projects, RAM Mazes is guaranteed to bring tons of opportunities to holders.

Deep Green Mazes Digital Comic Book

This collection is on a whole other level in terms of innovation. Over the decades, comic books have always gone hand in hand with an avidly interested community, by pairing comic books with NFTs, RiseAngle is certainly living up to its name as a pioneer in the NFT space.

To understand why this project is so promising and maybe get a peek into how the development company plans to leverage this emerging concept, check out Punks Comic, one of the few digital comic book NFTs in existence.


RAM NFT membership is poised to do far more than simply fit into the standard, instead, in its existence and growth, it is creating what will be the standard for NFT projects in the future. With RAM NFT membership you are holding one NFT which in turn holds the door wide open for access to an array of extraordinary NFTs both in design and utility.

As RAM lays the foundation for the transition from individual NFTs to NFT membership, everyone is carried along. Avid investors, enthusiasts, and pleasure collectors, RAM NFT membership is a perfect fit for everyone.

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