Raising One’s Eyebrow – The Adaption Of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

Have you sit back and reminisce the days where people, especially old generation that randomly predicts how the world will be like in coming 50 or 100 years down the road?

Robots that will be a waiter, cashier or even a doctor? Not forgetting that, we have been told that, we will be encountering the invention of flying cars in 2020, but so far we’re not any closer to it.  Inane, I know!

Probably we have not seen cars with wings or robots at hospitals yet, but what do you think of blockchain technology system that is being used widely on almost every sector?

Please don’t lose track yet! This has nothing to do with digital currencies if that is what you are thinking of.   

Actually, no one can be blamed, right? Since, it has been instilled in our mind that blockchain and digital currency are the same. Nevertheless, the adaption of blockchain technology in different sectors are something that we all should ponder upon.

It has raised one’s eyebrows to experience how much of progression has the blockchain technology accomplished so far.

It is astonishing to know that higher institutions are now embracing blockchain technology as one of their study course besides teaching important subjects that shapes future doctors, pilot, engineers and many other professions.

Most of the universities are now providing at least one subject focusing on blockchain technology either by online or in a classroom setting. For instance, Standford University that provides online coaching on blockchain technology and Cornell University, an university that seemed to be responsive in term of adapting current and modernized technology.

Besides education sector, the blockchain technology is also being applied on fashion industry as well as cross-border payment. Isn’t that amazing? Anything that brings great benefit to human is reflected as amazing!

There were numerous kind of answers surfacing in our mind when we thought of “Why blockchain technology and not something else to enhance the development of technology?”.

That is when we realised, blockchain technology has made its way in easily due to its ability to protect data whereby it does not allow you to re-edit once it has been created. Besides that, blockchain also well known for its decentralized and transparency system.

Probably, the answers were lingering in our mind for some time now but it was us that did not acknowledged due to the mix reactions that were given by the public.

Remember the days when we are tempted to get counterfeit products? Not anymore with the existences of blockchain technology. This technology can and will help many industrialists to curb their products from being forged as every data can be recorded from scratch. Therefore, it is understandable that no one can actually meddle in between.

This indicates that the blockchain technology is slowly but surely making its way to us. Right now it is uncertain if we will have flying cars anytime soon, but certainly blockchain technology will find its way in this digitalised era.

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