Rainmaker Games Is Mending The Fractured NFT Gaming Landscape

NFT Gaming Landscape

NFTs have single-handedly propelled the growth of the blockchain-cryptocurrency sector in 2021, contributing over $23 billion in trading volume. Within the NFT universe, crypto users have branched out from the collectibles niche to concentrate on NFT-based Play-to-Earn games. So much so that the total market cap of NFT gaming tokens now stands at almost $36 billion. The figures are indeed mind-boggling given the nascency of the NFT gaming domain and demonstrate the potential for future growth.

However, crypto gaming faces some serious problems requiring immediate attention.

Existing Challenges In NFT P2E Gaming

The crypto gaming sector consists of three primary stakeholders: gamers, game developers, and gaming guilds. Each one faces a different obstacle in P2E gaming.

Gamers often find the cost of NFTs quite prohibitive, thus disabling them to buy NFTs to start in the first place. This is especially the case for gamers coming from countries with weaker economies. 

Additionally, in the absence of advanced coaching facilities, the gamers have no means to learn and improve their gameplay. To add to the problem, there is no portal to read reviews about games that suit their talent and skillsets. Thus, gamers often trawl through social channels to find their perfect game, without much success.

To solve the aforementioned issues, gaming guilds have mushroomed in crypto gaming to lend NFTs to gamers. Players can borrow these NFTs to kickstart their gaming journey and utilize their earnings to pay for the NFT rent. But these guilds have no means of identifying a skilled gamer from a non-skilled one. Screening, training, and onboarding talented players become a time and resource-intensive procedure for these guilds. 

Lastly, gaming companies and developers often fail to find the right kind of audience for their gaming platforms. Gamers remain scattered across the gaming ecosystem, thus it is hard to locate and promote a new game to the skilful players. What these companies need is a platform through which their games can reach hundreds and thousands of gamers. Such platforms will provide the ideal launchpad for game promotions and new token drops. 

Apart from the individual problems of these stakeholders, the gaming ecosystem also remains highly fragmented. Thus, the gamers, guilds, and developers are floating like disconnected islands without any means of communication and collaboration. If NFT gaming is to grow further, it first needs to address the above-mentioned issues. 

Rainmaker Games: A One-Stop Solution For NFT Gaming Needs

The gaming community is facing difficulties both at the individual and collective level, with the stakeholders remaining scattered and disjointed. Rainmaker Games claims to be the first platform to bring together gamers, guilds, and developers into one, integrated ecosystem. This portal provides a free platform to the global gaming community, thereby creating a connection channel for all the participants.

On one hand, the gamers will have access to hundreds of games in a single protocol. Rainmaker purportedly uses in-game data to provide a personalized UI that perfectly suits the gamers’ interests, skillsets, geography, and language preferences. These gamers can use a diverse range of free NFTs from gaming guilds to kickstart their gaming journey. To assist them, Rainmaker will bring in world-renowned gaming coaches for intensive training sessions, and help the players improve their skills. The protocol ranks the advanced gamers in designated categories, thus opening up avenues for guild scouting.

Guilds on the Rainmaker ecosystem will be able to save time and money as vetting new players will become easier. Rainmaker Games is allegedly the first platform to develop a data-driven verification system to streamline player ranking and guild scouting. The platform claims to become a hub of data-rich player databases that will help the guilds create sophisticated gaming teams. Finally, the game developers can use Rainmaker to reach out to a vast number of players through their airdrop campaigns. They will also get access to a vast data resource to customize their gaming platforms.

Rainmaker Games, with its 154K Twitter followers and 24K Discord members, is now working towards an integrated NFT marketplace. The marketplace will help the gaming community to trade, rent, and loan NFTs, all from a single platform. Users will also have access to a Mastercard-powered Rainmaker Credit Card, for diverse payment services.

$RAIN Token

The $RAIN token forms the core of the Rainmaker protocol, powering all types of in-platform transactions. This ERC-20 token is a utility and governance token with a fixed supply of 1 billion coins. Rainmaker Games incentivizes users to hold $RAIN tokens, and has a 3-tier loyalty program for access to bonuses, special services, and exclusive events. 

The community can stake their $RAIN as well to earn additional rewards and unlock new features. For example, the gaming guilds can stake $RAIN tokens as a security deposit to access and recruit highly skilled gamers. Game developers too can stake $RAIN to feature on ‘Recommendation Lists’.

For the rest of the Rainmaker community, they can become liquidity providers for $RAIN in third-party DEXs. The $RAIN staking contract will pay rewards to LP token holders in proportion to their staked contributions. The Rainmaker’s staking reserve is seeded with 25 million $RAIN and will increase with more token vesting and unlocking community incentives. You can stake your $RAIN tokens here and earn rewards. 

In December 2021, Rainmaker Games concluded its $RAIN token launch auction on Copper, where it raised $20.75 million. 

A Timely Intervention In Crypto Gaming?

In spite of the phenomenal success of NFT-based P2E gaming, high entry barriers restricted opportunities for a large section of gamers. Rainmaker Games has come up with an innovative solution to address the needs of gamers with free access to NFT games. At the same time, guilds will benefit from data analytics as it makes way for seamless player onboarding and training. With the NFT gaming space expected to further grow in 2022, Rainmaker Games has come as a much-needed solution for the gaming community.

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