Railgun: Interact With DeFi Apps Without Revealing Wallet Information  

Wallet Information  

Investors interested in DeFi (decentralized finance) options often want to protect their personal information. Railgun gives them a system where they can do that. In short, this system allows them to interact with the DeFi apps that are important to them, while keeping their personal details private. They can transact directly on blockchains like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, giving them access to everything they need for their investment requirements. In the event they actually need proof of a specific transaction, this is possible – for the user only – through the Railgun Privacy System.

Railgun Takes Privacy Seriously

While financial transactions with banks and brokers are heavily regulated, with institutions requiring access to detailed personal information, DeFi works differently. As decentralized opportunities for investment and other financial transactions, DeFi protocols simply execute smart contracts when any user from around the world initiates the transaction and pays the gas fees. However, open-ledger blockchains that record every transaction from a user’s wallet can often be associated with a real-world identity, resulting in a loss of privacy. The Railgun system removes this problem. Transactions can be conducted safely without personal information like wallet addresses being recorded on the blockchain.

Not needing to reveal personal information is among the most important issues for many DeFi proponents, as they take their privacy very seriously. They don’t want any kind of third-party interactions, and they don’t want the same kinds of financial trails that come with standard transactions. The creators of Railgun saw the need for a system that protected people properly and fully. Being able to transact without worry is sure to bring more investors over to use the Railgun Privacy System.

Wallet Information Isn’t Needed for Transactions

Railgun’s zk-SNARKs privacy technology makes it simple, safe, and secure for transactions to take place between people who don’t want to share their private information with third parties or others who don’t need it. All wallet information is removed from the recorded transaction information. In some cases, of course, an investor will need to show proof that a transaction occurred with another party. Railgun has ways of providing that proof without revealing account balances and other personal details.

DeFi App Options Continue to Grow

As more blockchain opportunities become available, there will continue to be additional DeFi options for investors and others. DeFi is a growing area of finance, and all indications are that it will continue to develop in the future. It’s holding people’s interest, and giving them options they may not have had before. DeFi is also allowing people who want to move away from standard financial offerings the ability to do so. Railgun’s developers are prepared for the growth of these options, with transactions conducted right on the chain.

Private information can and should be protected. Right now, DeFi is still part of a very new way of trading and transacting. Speculation is valuable, but it won’t completely provide a picture of the future. There may be more or fewer DeFi apps than expected, and additional interaction options could be available. But investors know that Railgun is available to them right now, and they can trust it to keep their information secret. Private information should always stay that way, even on open-ledger blockchains.

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