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Raid boosting service in World of Warcraft


Raid dungeons in World of Warcraft yield rare equipment, vehicles, toys, skins, and even pets. Most of the items drop as random loot to 3-4 raiders out of 20 for killing each boss. Some accessories do not drop for so long that they can be walked on for the duration of the whole expansion. And after the expansion ends, the chance of rare mounts from 100% drops to 1%.

Active players try to complete the WoW raid carry every week to get loot from all the bosses and unlock a random reward from the weekly chest. But what about users who do not have much time for the game, but still want to evaluate the gameplay of the raid dungeon? They can always use the help of a third-party site that deals boosting . Your character will be taken into a group of 20-30 experienced raiders and will help to kill the bosses.transfer loot from traders or have the raid kill bosses with certain conditions to complete in-game achievements.

Difficulty of passing raid dungeons

Many people wonder why not kill all the bosses yourself and get a reward for it. Raid dungeons are designe for a group of 10-30 people. Each class has its own responsibilities:

  • tanks hold the bosses on their backs, withstanding their strong attacks and protecting the group;
  • healers restore the health of the entire raid after taking damage;
  • fighters deal damage to bosses and perform game mechanics.

There are two ways to get into the raid yourself – find a guild or join the group search queue. The first option looks optimistic if you plan to communicate with other players. You need to attend raid meetings, come to farm bosses and spend time mastering dungeons.

Any character with level 60 can join the group search queue. But here the main problem arises: if the leader of the group considers that you are poorly dress or your experience is not enough to kill the bosses, he simply will not take you on. In the game, with the help of addons , raid statistics are displayed with the number of bosses killed. Therefore, if you are a beginner or just decide to go to a raid, you will not be accept .

Loot distribution in the raid

Once you kill the boss, there is a small chance of it dropping loot. From each enemy in the adventure guide, 3-4 items are indicate. The rewards are not guarantee, so you can only get the necessary equipment after 4-5 complete clearings of the raid. If another player already has this loot or has a higher equipped item level, they can give it to any other raider. becomes relevant loot from traders Instead of spending several full clears, you can order boosting and 8-10 traders who, after completing the raid, will give you all their loot. You can dress your character in this way in one pass.

Boosting services are completely safe, the main thing is to choose a reliable platform. You can choose to go as your character with a group of experienced players, or transfer an account to have another booster play as your character. Blizzard accounts are secured with two factor authentication. As insurance, you can ask for a live stream or a screen share.


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