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Rahim Handy: Pioneering Documentarian and Creative Visionary

Rahim Handy, the mastermind behind Clear Motion Films, continues to push the envelope in the realm of documentary filmmaking. His unwavering commitment to telling captivating stories has earned him numerous accolades and established him as a luminary in the field.

Recognized for Excellence

Rahim Handy Produced a short film, “The Unvisible Bandit,” that recently took home first place at the Texas Horror Cult True Crime Film Festival. This enthralling piece drew in audiences and judges alike with its meticulous narrative and striking visual presentation.

Moreover, Handy’s impressive cinematographic skills were further acknowledged with a prestigious Gold Telly Award for his short documentary “The Social Worker Fighting for Change in Louisiana.” This under-40-minute film highlights the relentless dedication of a social worker striving for social change in Louisiana, showcasing Handy’s knack for distilling powerful stories into concise formats.

Clear Motion Films: Charting New Territories

Guided by Rahim Handy’s innovative vision, Clear Motion Films is embarking on an ambitious new series titled “Welcome to Homecoming.” Partnering with college finance expert Jessica Brown, known as College Gurl, this series will offer an immersive look into the vibrant and culturally significant HBCU homecomings across the United States.

Celebrating HBCU Homecomings

“Welcome to Homecoming” transcends the typical show format, celebrating the excellence, resilience, and lasting legacy of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in America. This series will immerse viewers in the heart of these momentous events, showcasing the unique sights, sounds, and stories that define HBCU homecomings.

The series will blend elements of history, education, and entertainment, serving as a platform to highlight the rich cultural heritage and significant contributions of HBCUs to student development. From exhilarating football games to soulful musical performances and communal festivities, “Welcome to Homecoming” will pay homage to the vibrant spirit of HBCU communities.

Expertise in Documentary Filmmaking

Rahim Handy’s proficiency in documentary filmmaking is evident through his comprehensive and nuanced approach, which includes:

  1. Extensive Research: Ensuring accuracy and depth, his films are built on a foundation of thorough research.
  2. Focus on Humanity: Rahim prioritizes the human element, bringing personal stories to life to captivate and inspire viewers.
  3. Visual Excellence: With a robust background in film production, Handy employs high-quality visuals and sophisticated cinematic techniques.
  4. Social Relevance: Many of his projects address pressing social issues, aiming to raise awareness and promote change.


Rahim Handy and Clear Motion Films remain at the cutting edge of documentary filmmaking, consistently delivering content that resonates with both audiences and critics. With an expanding portfolio of award-winning projects and innovative new endeavors like “Welcome to Homecoming,” Rahim Handy continues to make significant contributions to the art of documentary storytelling.

For more information on Rahim Handy and his projects, visit Clear Motion Films. Get ready to experience the immersive sights, sounds, and stories that epitomize the essence of impactful storytelling Dive into a world where immersive sights, captivating sounds, and powerful narratives converge to redefine storytelling. Discover firsthand the essence of impactful cinema that resonates deeply with audiences worldwide.

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