Raghavendra Suryavanshi: Blending Imagination to provide Sustainable Biosolutions 

Raghavendra Suryavanshi’s name is connected with sustainability and creativity. As co-founder of SUSBIO, he has made it his mission to raise awareness about waste water harvesting and management.

Raghavendra places sustainability at the heart of all he does. He is deeply committed to ensuring a greener future for our world and has dedicated his life to making this a reality. SUSBIO is the embodiment of his vision, and the company is dedicated to developing long-term solutions that benefit both people and the environment.

SUSBIO is a forward-thinking firm that designs, manufactures, and installs sewage treatment plants, biodigesters, and bio-toilets. Their main products are SUSBIO-SBR, SUSBIO-STP, and SUSBIO-EcoTreat+ which are designed to treat waste water effectively and efficiently, minimising the impact on environment.

The products of the company are intended to be affordable and accessible to anyone. This is a key component of Raghavendra’s ideology since he believes that everyone should have access to long-term solutions. He wants to have a beneficial impact on the environment while also assisting people in making important changes in their life.

Raghavendra’s interest in sustainability stems from his childhood experiences. Growing up in the country, he saw firsthand the devastation caused by environmental deterioration on people’s lives. He noticed how dirty water supplies and inadequate sanitation contributed to illness and disease, and he realised something had to be done to address this issue.

The BITS Pilani Post Graduate, along with SUSBIO co-founder Akshat Tyagi, felt dissatisfied and recognised he needed to accomplish something more important with water for a sustainable society. This is when he and Akshat Tyagi decided to launch SUSBIO.

In a nutshell, Raghavendra Suryavanshi is a visionary leader whose work at SUSBIO is having a tremendous influence on the environment and people’s lives. Many people look up to him as an inspiration and a bright example of what can be accomplished when passion, invention, and teamwork come together. His work is paving the way for a brighter future for all of us, one sustainable solution at a time.

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